Gangnam Style, most-watched Youtube video. Dance like say you dey on top horse…

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style, the dance track wey South Korean pop phenomenon Psy, don turn Youtube’s most-watched video of all time. You fit get to watch am here

The video don gather more than 814 million views since dem upload am for July.

Psy cartoonised



The video dey make yeye of – “poke fun at” the consumerism of Gangnam, one better suburb for the South Korean capital Seoul.


For inside the song, the portly Psy dey dance as if na on top horse em dey, holding the reins and spinning a lasso in a manner everybody for the world don dey kolo with the dance.

“The video also features the 34-year-old singer reclining on a sun lounger in tight pink shorts, gazing longingly at a girl dancing on an underground train in tight shorts and gesticulating at a woman working out on a beach – in tight shorts.

The dance

“The dance has sparked numerous copycat versions, being performed by a diverse fan-base including Filipino prison inmatesprominent Chinese artist Ai WeiweiUN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and a Chinese robot.”

Gangnam Style, na em win best video for this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards and the thing na number one in 28 countries.


Na em hold the Guinness World Record for the most “liked” song ever – about 5.4 million likes on YouTube.

This video, na em take over from Justin Bieber’s.