2 CHANGES: 2 COACHES, 2 COACHES and 2 DAYS – ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

coachesTwo eminent Nigerian coaches, Stephen Keshi and Shaibu Amodu, discovered and joined two different coaches on the train that journeyed to a different realm. The latter only allowed 2 days to pass before joining the former on this train.

Change is constant, so they say, maybe it’s the only constant thing in the life of these coaches, as well as in mine and yours. There are incidentally only two (in my reckoning) significant changes that take place throughout the life of man and these changes are somewhat akin to transmogrification. That is exactly what has happened to Stephen and Shaibu, or what they happened to. Continue reading 2 CHANGES: 2 COACHES, 2 COACHES and 2 DAYS – ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

JUNE 12 by Gloria Agboola

June 12 This day, indeed, appears calm but alas!, appearances deceive. 276 months after Democracy was grossly undermined by those familiar forces who are yet to reasonably justify the actions that forever mar this day, for good and bad, and perhaps never would, we are where we are.

As at now, our Nation keeps plunging into Economic sorrows, the depth of which cannot be correctly gauged until we are at the very bottom, yet, there is much beauty to be seen. We did it.

We finally have a firm grasp of a reality that evolved many centuries ago…Democracy “by the People, of the People and for the People”. Continue reading JUNE 12 by Gloria Agboola