Happy Birthday! When exactly is that? by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

TimeeI really have never celebrated my birth date anniversary and I do not think I will start that ritual in contemporary terms. The reason, obviously (may be to me and a few others), is the ‘insignificance’ attached to such dates. What makes it more special than the other waking days? However, before I step on toes, let me appreciate everyone who has shown, and who will show, some great, heart-touching gestures towards me on this occasion that falls incidentally on the 24th of May, every year.

My wife quipped, “When do you actually make the turn of another year; Nigerian time or Continue reading Happy Birthday! When exactly is that? by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

Agboola by Tobi Awosoga

agboolaAgboola and Harrison are simply predestined to rewrite their ugly past, life was horrible, they were traumatized and brought to square zero all in the name of LOVE.

Their marriage didn’t work but while they were struggling to get their life back, they met again, shared experiences and were able to find succor in each other.

Agboola is full of intrigues, suspense and emotions. See and get a transformaton. It is available on OLEKU TV via YouTube starting from 16th of May,2016.

Racism in India: And “Yannick passed away…” by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

“You’re standing at a zoo, and looking at a caged animal, admiring it, scrutinizing every aspect of it, observing its walk, its skin. Now imagine you’re that caged animal and people are gawking at you like you’re an alien, like you don’t belong. That is how black citizens of African nations say they feel in India, they aren’t caged but they might as well be.” – Sarakshi Rai.

Yannick before and afterA few days ago in Greater Noida, some Hausa boys were allegedly beaten up by an Indian mob, while the reverse was published in the media (that Indians were beaten up by the Hausa boys). Whereas, the reality was that an Indian boy, with rich but uneducated father, snapped pictures of a Hausa boy and was asked to delete same but would not budge. He called his father and that led to the Hausa boys being attacked. This event led to sabotage on public facilities that fed the Africans (including but not limited to the disruption of power supply); this, ultimately leading to the ejection of Africans, who had to resort to emergent searching for new shelter, with its attendant challenges.

Sometimes, it is a wonder what globalization, in the sense of globetrotting (let’s content ourselves with singly Continue reading Racism in India: And “Yannick passed away…” by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

TIWA SAVAGE: I’M TIRED, YOU’RE NOT. I QUIT by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

teebillzFirstword: Humankind can be split into two words, Human and Kind. Humankind on its own is synonymous with humanity, charity and kindness. I will be content with being insulated from being absolutely controlled by the media, invasive and non-invasive technology. Being kind constitutes radiation from self to others and not the other way around.


Tiwa, without being in a haste to pass the buck between you and your husband (who is obviously beside himself), there is a general apathy against our individual and collective humanity. In the abundance of religiousity, we are fast losing our spirituality (I hope this is not misconstrued, innocently or otherwise). And this has affected almost everyone one way or another. Most people, including this ‘penner’, see themselves as victims rather than agents of certain untoward events. Thus, it wa Continue reading TIWA SAVAGE: I’M TIRED, YOU’RE NOT. I QUIT by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi