serviccLet me start this essay by issuing two congratulatory notes.
The first note goes to Mr Ayodele Peter Fayose, the Governor-Elect of Ekiti State. Some of us will have to desist from calling Fayose a conman; otherwise he may sue for libel/slander, especially with the mighty federal might that he enjoys. If Ekiti people see something different from what we outsiders see, we should not suffer greater bereavement than the primary constituents. I wish you more success.
The second note goes to Mr President for his quick recovery that allows him gulp down some champagne at the announcement of the victory of Fayose. Nigerians should appreciate Mr. President; he has been going through a lot lately. Remember he lost his appetite and only sleeps with one eye since April 14, the day those girls were abducted in Chibok. Some will say he is being partisan by not congratulating HRM SLS and the people of Kano on the emergence of the former as the Emir of Kano, well, what I can say is that he has the discretion to choose who to pop champagne with. You know he expressed his happiness that bombings and abductions are not happening in PDP-led states? Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: BEASTSIE BILLIONAIRE by Adebayo Coker


changeBefore we proceed on this journey, ‘let us get now into another underground spiritual game’ by allowing the song of that supernal being, Olufela Anikulapo-Kuti, to play on our minds’ stereos, where he said “nothing new sef to talk about… na old news be dat”. This is very important so that we can get the full grasp of what will follow from here.

I always tell people that nothing this crop of politicians do will catch me unawares. The only surprise they will spring is when they act differently from how they are acting presently. In my inaugural submission in this column, #PAUSIBILITY: LET’S GET OUR ACTS RIGHT, I put it straight that these politicians are simply employing different tactics, even the death of the populace, as pawns in their political chess games, just as Pastor Tunde Bakare described in one of his sermons. Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: OLD NEWS, IN FELA’S VOICE by Adebayo Coker


witchh“How can there be anything which has no cause?”- Philebus.

My dear country is fast being plunged southward by these libertinage politicians that we have, but my major pain is that most of us have decided to just watch as these debauchees take us for a ride. There is nothing much we can do at this time but being steady and stalwart. We all must do what we must do to change the situations that we don’t like.  Our cumulative efforts will yield expected results and we will live as the good human beings that we are only if we will stop these crabbers.

Allow me quote extensively from the book of my good friend, Ayo Dada, The Sage:

A uniformed man, who was hastening towards his point of call, mindlessly shoved aside the devotee…

Scared at the sight of the brute, the devotee gave way and bitterly hurled at the fleeing man:

“Karma will get the better part of you!” Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: THE WITCH CRIED, THE CHILD DIED by Adebayo Coker


danfoFew weeks ago, I went with a friend to carry out some maintenance works on his car. We left Willoughby Street, Oyingbo, Lagos, late in the evening and in order not to aggravate the fatigue of the day with the road rage that is most likely to happen on a typical Lagos road, we decided to cool off at one of the bars in the National Stadium (pity that is what this national monument has become). After cooling off (I won’t mention my brand so that Okupe through his retinue of assassins will not poison me), we hit the road. Just at the exit of the stadium, we heard a funny sound in the engine compartment of the car, and when we checked, we confirmed that the fan belt that was bought few hours ago had given way (Standard Organization of Nigeria is obviously sleeping). Perplexed, the fatigue increased even though the traffic on the road had cleared.

My friend decided to sleep at his friend’s place in Surulere to ease his taking the car back to Oyingbo the next day while I HAD TO GO HOME to my wife and son that night. The cab man saw a kill but I have always been a Lagos boy. Even though it‘s been a very long time that I used public transport last, I still can find my way round Lagos without my car, even at the oddest Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: CONVERSATION WITH BENJAMIN, A LAGOS DANFO DRIVER by Adebayo Coker


jobsMy fellow brothers and sisters in the labour market,

I hope you are doing fine despite the not too hopeful situation of our beloved nation? You wonder why I used the word, ‘fellow’?  Well, I am unemployed just as so many other people but I am never jobless as I have kept my mind busy working on ideas that I have long had in mind, one of which is being a columnist. I have two books to my credit: SOCIETAL FRAGMENTS and A MAN LIKE ME, both available on www.amazon.com. The truth is, writing is far more fulfilling for me though not financially rewarding, especially with the reading culture around here. But all the same I will not allow this dream of mine to wither or be stolen from me regardless of the dearth of hope that abounds. I will push on through till the world recognizes this light of mine.

I have to start on that note so that I’ll let you know that I share your pains. I feel the weight and bear the burden. At the moment, nothing seems to be working, but our world will be changed through our strong determination to achieve our goals. We have Continue reading  #PAUSIBILITY: YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE? by Adebayo Coker