Re: Pausibility: Of Nominal, Normal And The Extreme by Adebayo Coker by Ikoro Iyineleda

The following is a rejoinder to one of the #PAUSIBILITY articles titled, “#Pausibility: Of Nominal, Normal And The Extreme”.


I hope that which you wrote about the mechanic, Adebayo, will be an

eye-opener to the folly set in many high places; of whom Solomon wrote
– and due to whom slaves ride on horses; whilst the rich sit in a low
place, whilst princes walk on foot like slaves. You ever see the fools
blaring their empty-headed skulls through the mass media, thumping
their primitive chests over the “masses” that they would they be voted
into office to serve – not having studied history well enough to
realise that the proletariat not only ever envy the elite, but ever
would they overthrow that very same elite that (as the most foolish
that can be) would it serve them.

I wrote the beginnings of a brief homily once; with which I sought to
explain how even Jesus The Christ was blind to the cunningly conceived
plots of this poorer class that the folly set in many high places
often regale, when addressing them as “the masses.” That homily was Continue reading Re: Pausibility: Of Nominal, Normal And The Extreme by Adebayo Coker by Ikoro Iyineleda


cloud“We are sitting under a cloud of heavy embarrassment, shame of the feeling of dereliction, sullen responsibility towards children. We are sitting under a cloud of impotence, of a calamity that was not without notice, and whose myriad causes is quite discernible. We are here because of education because we will never stop learning till death. This cloud is made up of a sense of humiliation. We sent our children on an errand and they did not return. The errand is what we are celebrating today. The errand was to prepare the children for today but they never came back, that is what we cannot allow ourselves to forget.” – Wole Soyinka, speaking at the 2014 Foundation Day Anniversary and Convocation Ceremonies of the University of Ibadan, where he was honoured with Doctor of Letters honourary degree.

Everywhere you turn in the country, there is that cloud that seems to block the sights and ultimately settle on the sheaf of hair that conceals the brain. Especially now that it’s harmattan season, anyone would see the fog.

As if that was not enough to prevent clear, penetrating sight that goes beyond the immediate, we all produce all manners of smoke and contribute to the heavy cloud that we sit under; smokes from assorted cigarette brands, exhausted cloudy or sometimes blackish fumes from exhaust pipes, firewood smokes and the leftover ashes and so on. Continue reading SMOKE, CLOUD, SMOKE: A BID TO BE-FOJU (NAY, BEFUDDLE) NIGERIANS by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

#Pausibility: Asceticism vs Epicureanism by Adebayo Coker

austerityEarlier this week, our polymath Prime Minister, who had on many occasions ‘rebased ‘our minds that our  economy is standing gidigba, finally announced that we should expect  some measure of imposition on our ‘normal’ life as a nation.

I can’t imagine a Nigeria where a minister can’t ride a three-million-dollar car; a Nigeria where a Director in a government parastatal  can’t own properties estimated at billions of naira; a Nigeria where gross ingratiation at the expense of the masses and massive corruption can’t be attenuated to mere pilfering… that will be an abnormal Nigeria.

They brazen- show feigned statistics that are far from the realities of the living conditions of the masses. God knows how they come about those figures. How can an outsider tell you the interior of your house better than you know it yourself? The fish in my pot I know so well. So I need no Fitch to tell me what I know. Victoria’s secret is in public glare. Continue reading #Pausibility: Asceticism vs Epicureanism by Adebayo Coker


Adebayo Coker on Rubbin' Minds
Adebayo Coker on Rubbin’ Minds

Just as the common example, Ramadan has come to an end and a sharp upsurge in the patronage of brothels and beer parlors noticeable. Do not get me wrong, same could be said of quadragesimal period. A great number of us display piety louder than the Pope and the chiefest of Sheikhs just around those periods that we observe our religious abstinence, but other than those times, we are just as evil as the devil can be.

Yours truly was Ebuka’s guest at Channels TV last Sunday. It was a live cast of the famous programme for youths, Rubbin’Minds (, Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: OF NOMINAL, NORMAL AND THE EXTREME by Adebayo Coker


Here is a post published fifteen days short of a year ago. It’s believed to be quite relevant at this time. Please, have fun.


“Appreciating the beauty of a blossom, the loveliness of a lilac, or the grace of a gazelle are all ways in which people can, in some small measure, fill their daily lives with evolutionarily inspired epiphanies of pleasure.”
– Buss, 2000, p. 22 READ MORE

Just like every other Nigerian (know it or not), I am proud and terribly ashamed of the tag Nigerian. Not at the same time though, but independently. I am proud and the main reason (the only one, if you mind) would be that I was born Nigerian, in Nigeria and have never stepped out of Nigeria (except in my dreams, of course).

I am ashamed because in spite of the opportunities God (or whoever/whatever you think is our benefactor in this regard) has given my nation to be a great country (you may want to disregard the fact that we have once been great as independent, sovereign nations…

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#PAUSIBILITY: Your Daily Bomb-o-scope, Don’t Go Out Without It by Adebayo Coker

shekauThe life of a Nigerian is not worth more than a pawn on a chess board; that is to say, nothing is too big for the Nigerian politician to sacrifice: as long as it is not his/her ambition, he/she is okay by it. Nigeria is going down, locally and internationally. There is no denying it. We need help.

The blood-esurient Shekau showed up in a movie again last weekend, even after he was touted to have been killed many times during different military bombardments and raids of his hideouts; the Nigerian government has made this guy ‘a cat with nine lives’ exemplar. True to what he was quoted to have said in the video on Yahoo News, my heart grieved. My heart grieved because on two different occasions have I woken up from a nightmare that my beloved Nigeria is being overtaken by terrorists. The thought of being ruled by some sickened individuals makes me sick. Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: Your Daily Bomb-o-scope, Don’t Go Out Without It by Adebayo Coker