Role Models: African first-timers…

In the event that the question is posed “Who constitutes the African first-timers?”, they are the Africans who, in spite of the status quo at their time, belled the cat whether by choice or by chance. By that, we mean Africans who did things that were hitherto considered impossible, too risky or just way above the reach of any African and trust me we have more than enough names that can get mentioned in a single piece as this.

Let’s do ourselves a favour by mentioning some.



BARACK OBAMA This is the first African (African American, as some call him) and 44th President of the United States of America. Born by a Kenyan father, what drove him to the top of the American government must have been internal much more than external. An inner resolve and drive to get to the top. In this vein, quite a number Continue reading


Rivers Assembly Crisis: Battered Lawmaker Still dey critical condition


Nigeria na country where plenty people get shame and a few, lousy ones don trade dem shame for money on a platter of gold. At least, if that money go take them to the top, na who care about the shame? In fact, the question wey dem go ask na say “Those people wey get shame, dem fit go market go buy something with shame?” That’s not possible.


So, why not lose the shame and take the money. If you need one of those examples of shamelessness in Nigeria, make you visit the link below

where Lawmakers, who suppose to dey represent millions of people resort to flogging (nay, killing) themselves rather than representing the people that voted them to do so. Well, anybody fit live as Continue reading

Between Abraham Lincoln and Obafemi Awolowo. Amazing similarities by Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth

Abraham Lincoln and Obafemi Awolowo

SIR: The world would be celebrating 200 years of the birth of Abraham Lincoln and 100 years of the birth of Obafemi Awolowo on February 12 and March 6 respectively. There appears to be strange developments between the United States and Nigeria, particularly as it concerns Abraham Lincoln and Obafemi Awolowo.

Abraham and Obafemi have seven letters each and Lincoln and Awolowo also have seven letters each. Lincoln was born in the ninth year of the 19th Century, 1809 and Awolowo was born in the ninth year of the 20th Century, 1909.

Lincoln and Awolowo were both hired out as labourers when they were young. Lincoln and Awolowo were both lawyers and both practiced up to the Supreme Court. Lincoln and Awolowo were at first skeptical in their religious inclinations, before they were brought to religious conviction.

Lincoln and Awolowo, as adults, both studied Mathematics as a form of mental discipline. Lincoln and Awolowo were both Rosicrucians. Lincoln as a young man loved wrestling and relatedly Awolowo as a young man loved boxing. Lincoln presided over the civil war in his country to be described as the greatest American president and Awolowo was the chief strategist during the Nigerian civil war to be described as the best president Nigeria never had.

Lincoln and Awolowo both have universities named after them, the Lincoln University and the Obafemi Awolowo University. Lincoln as presidential candidate and Awolowo as presidential candidate were both endorsed by the Tribune Newspapers of their respective countries. There is the Lincoln Museum and there is as well the Awolowo Museum.

Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth,
London, England


Between India and Western Nigeria by Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth


Of Pandit Nehru and Sir Adesoji Aderemi: between India and western Nigeria
Pandit Nehru was born on November 14 1889 and Sir Adesoji Aderemi, November November 15 1889images (4)

Nehru was first Prime Minister of India with Political Capital in New Delhi. whereas Sir Aderemi was Ooni of Ife and first African Governor .He was Governor of Western Region.

Nehru”s Daughter, Indira Gandhi was first Woman Prime Minister of India and Sir Aderemi”s daughte,r Tejumade Alakija was first female head of Service in Africa Continue reading