And what’s all the fuss about Kumuyi’s Wedding?

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In the past few days, the Cyberspace, especially the Nigerian, had been dominated by the news of the ‘spectacularly’ remarkable, to say the least, June 15 wedding trips of the son, John Kumuyi, of Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life Church who wedded a damsel Love Odih (probably as a matter of coincidence rather than incident) . This, many believe has been ‘concocting a storm in the church’.

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There had been comparative criticisms of the spectacle of this wedding in relation to other weddings so far held in the church. All the noise is essentially about which bride dresses more modestly (nay divine, spiritual or heaven-bound) on her wedding day and what other items used.

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Abortion@OAU: ‘Stubborn’ baby refused to be flushed down a female hostel toilet

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It was just dawning and no one would have suspected to find blood stain, talk not of a new born baby, in the toilet of the female hostel in a University. But that’s exactly what happened at Moremi Hostel of the Obafemi Awolowo University in the early hours of Wednesday, 19th of June, 2013.


First, the callous act of a thief, who crept into the said female hostel served as a major concern for most of the residents of the hall as they woke up one after the other. He stole items including laptops and was about breaking into another room when he was sighted and an alarm raised. He vanished. Who knows, he probably was just a harbinger to the heroic baby’s arrival.

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Would you rather beat him? or Her? Reviewing Tade Ogidan…


Sourcing from, lAkUnLeScReWs gather say celebrated Movie Producer, Tade Ogidan flog em Wife, Yewande Ogidan on Thursday, June 13, 2013 until she run. How well does that kin’ thin’ make sense?

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Lessons from Nigeria’s Saka’s PORT-ability

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This one na special edition of the show, good morning, Naija on MeroëRadio. This na because lAkUnLeScReWs dey intriguingly engaged in the last few weeks. We believe say we go interest you with this edition, no be small. *smiles…

I dey sure say the issue of the Nigerian actor, Hafeez Oyetoro a.k.a. Simply Saka porting from one Nigerian telecommunications Company to another no be new matter to many Nigerians. If you no be Nigerian; well, you better begin learn.

Hafeez Oyetoro a.k.a. Simply Saka na ace comedian, wey don become the face of Etisalat (Pardon my mistake, face of MTN) na em News yarn say em switch network from one GSM company wey don brand em face for Television. After many years of dem relationship, Saka switch sharply to MTN. The whole incident na something wey funny pass expectation.

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Simply, for inside the new Advert with MTN, the thing show Saka inside green traditional attire only to transform interestingly into a bright yellow attire as em dey lead one music band. Continue reading Lessons from Nigeria’s Saka’s PORT-ability

Dem don yarn again: Dogs look like humans in acquisition of OCD

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Some veterinarians for Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University and researchers for McLean Imaging Centre, McLean Hospitalwey dey Belmont, Massachusetts don publish the results of one kind new study of Doberman pinschers wey dey suffer from obsessive compulsory disorder (OCD).

Dem yarn say dogs get the same character, say dem dey respond to the same drugs, say dem get genes wey dey control the disorder and say dem get the same structural brain abnormalities like human beings wey get the disorder (OCD) sef.


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A personal Experience

Recently, lAkUnLeScReWs got a mail from a friend who runs a powerful business strategy company in Nigeria, by the name Hexavia. If you didn’t get the mail, contact them for it. The content is quite important for those who wish to live well and live fully.


On the other hand, you can serve yourself with the delicacies of the content of the mail as represented to you on this platform. Please, note the included reference….

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“I met an old man in a bus on my way back to the University a few years ago. He looked scraggy, finished but interestingly talk active.

He sat next to me, I told him my dreams. We had a great time.

And when I was about to leave, he said to me “Son, look at me, look at you, I had great plans for today just a few yesterdays (years) ago too.

I was once like you, but don’t be like me.  The only thing that can make a difference between the both of us in a few years lies in what we choose to do with our time, everyday.


He said something profound, he said, “When your youth and your now is a blunder, it leads to an adulthood of struggle and an old age of regret”. Immediately I got off that bus in 2007, I wrote this article below.  Let me share it with you.




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Are we moving forward? Do we live 365 days in a year or are we living a day, 365 times?

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