Baby heads made of White Chocolate


You go fit believe say na solid white chocolate dem take do these baby heads? Dem size na like that of real newborn’s head and na Annabel de Vetten make am.

Na wetin be the motive behind this creation wey be part of the Eat Your Heart Out 2012 food art exhibition in London.

First ‘Naija’ Sports Awards

John Mikel Obi wey dey play for Chelsea na em win the Sports Man of The year award for the first Nigerian Sports Awards wey dem do for Palace Hotel in Victoria Island on Thursday.

Feyisetan Are na em win the  Coach of the Year award, beating Edwin Okon and Ayo Bakare, while Ike Diogu win the Ball Sports Year award.

Francesca Ordega – women’s Footballer of the Year award.

Super Falcons – Team of the year.

Folashade Oluwafemiayo – Sports Woman of the Year award.

Tobi Emmanuel – Sports Journalist of the Year, Print.

Cecilia Omorege of Galazy  – Sports Journalist of the Year, Electronic.

Former Commonwealth champion, Modupe Oshikoy – Lifetime Sports Award.

Ife Festival of Poetry: Now Here…

Poetry na the music wey the soul sabi to sing.

Through music, human souls dey congregate to reason together.

1st of December na this year’s Edition of the festival (Ife Festival of Poetry) and the thing dey take place for Ilesa in  Osun State, Nigeria.

Different Arts go perform and the festival promises to be one of a kind.

10 p.m. na the time for the show on Saturday.

For details, you fit contact Professor Adebayo Lamikanra (a.k.a. Lamikay) on 0803 700 0773

Majek Fashek dey come back…promises to promote youth…who say the guy no well?

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Reggae music star, Majekodunmi Fasheke wey people dey call Majek Fashek, go soon release one new album, Gangster Rasta under em Underground System Records, USR.

images (1)download (6)

Majek believe say this new album go revive and catapult am back to where em belong – the international scene, where Michael Jackson and James Brown dey mellow ‘that year’.

Majek yarn say USR don dey registered in Los Angeles, California and go serve as platform to nurture Nigeria’s young musicians and push them to the international market.

“We intend to register the company in Nigeria as well and use it as a platform to get the youths out of the streets and criminality. I’m an American citizen. I may decide to go back there now because my wife and children are there. But I’m here because Nigerians are suffering and there is nobody to speak for them. That is one of the revolutions that I’m here to make,” the ‘Rainmaker’ yarn.

He also yarn say plans dey ground to precede the album release by a music tour wey dem tag Operation Feed the Poor, wey em yarn say na em little way of giving back to the society.Majek-Fashek2







“I’m not into materialism. The programme I’m coming up with is mainly to help the poor. But if I’m poor, I cannot help the poor, so that is the revolution I’m talking about– the rich must help the poor. That is why I’m embarking on the tour,” he (8)

People who “have bought my album could be up to 70 million” – Beautiful Nubia

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Folklore Musician Segun Akinlolu, wey people dey popularly call Beautiful Nubia, na em yarn say em potential audience in Nigeria na like 170 million people and people wey don actually buy em album fit don reach 70 million for inside Nigeria alone.

Nubia1-311x336download (3)









Na who fit imagine say music wey no be pop fit sell like that? Anyway, good content traditional music still dey sell…na so e be…download (5)

lAkUnLeScReWs just like this guy. Em get vision, drive, passion and creativity.

Confusion on top accident involving Terry G

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The Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Ngozi Braide, has confirmed that the police is still searching for controversial singer, Gabriel Oche-Amanyi, better known as Terry G, over a hit-and-run case.

About a month ago, news yarn say Terry G jam person with em car for one Club Royale, Oba Akran Road, Ikeja, Lagos. The person wey em jam na Moshood Azeez; em crush the guy leg and dem carry am go hospital. News yarn say Terry G run escape from there after the incident.


The PPRO (Police ‘talker’) don confirm the incident say the thing actually happen. She talk say when her men call Terry G on phone; he yarn say na Benin em dey. “He is yet to honour the invitation. That is why we are yet to arrest him. We have also searched his house somewhere in Agege, but we did not see him, up till now. I’m not a doctor and can’t tell you the gravity of the injury sustained by the victim, but I’m aware he was rushed to the hospital.”

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Terry G’s Media Manager, Alex Ozone, yarn say all na lie say Terry G dey on the run. Em talk say na bloggers dey try exaggerate the matter to drive traffic to dem sites. Well, Heavens dey see who dey lie.

“He is not wanted by the Police. It was a minor accident but some people just want to make news out of it. He mistakenly hit the guy in question, but they sorted it out that night. He even gave the guy some money for treatment. Terry G travelled to Enugu this morning (Wednesday) for a private show,” Ozone said.

For the records, na few weeks ago na em Terry G madame born pikin.


Houses on Wheels…I no know wetin to call these…

House Truck by Ron Boyd

Custom-made house truck by Ron Boyd waka from the west coast to the Mississippi river for early 1980s. The thing dey permanently docked for Frank Waters writers institute in El Salto, New Mexico

School bus with Wood Interior

Exterior: Ordinary school bus.
Interior: Cozy, well-organized living space paneled with warm, inviting wood. Na the home of a young couple in the North Cascades area of the Pacific Northwest.


‘Bufalino’ na apartment on wheels, e dey tiny, three-wheeled recreational vehicle wey the room just dey big enough for one person to store em belongings, lay down or make em cook meal.

Wetin dey inside na bed, two seating units, a cooking zone, a basin, storage space, a water tank and a refrigerator make am be like home.


Eco-Friendly VW Van Camper

The VW bus na icon of the 1960s, wey dey use bio-diesel engine, GPS, fridge, freezer and solar power. The House sef get home entertainment center and a kitchenette wey dem build inside one of the doors.


Na one Belgian couple buy this Unimog, wey be multi-purpose four-wheel-drive truck, and dem convert am into this incredible custom RV.

For six months out of the year, na road the couple dey dey. Dem dey walka around around Europe in dem modern mobile house. The remaining six months, na inside one garage wey dem convert into a slightly larger home, dem dey live.


Na Australian photographer Rob Gray build this in 2006, when em want a home base while traveling the Australian wilderness taking nature photos.

Em get “bedroom with a hydraulically operated roof, a self-supporting back deck that folds up for travel, 8 solar panels, a real toilet and all the amenities of a standard camper.”

“Doctors, major problem in health care” – Oga of Pharmacists • “You’re insincere” – Oga of Doctors

These-Are-notMYwords, they are Punch’s Leke Baiyewu’s.

“Pharmacists have accused medical doctors of posing threats to the lives of Nigerians through unethical practices. They challenged them to an open debate over their activities in the health sector.

The President, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Mr. Olumide Akintayo, who spoke to our correspondent on the telephone on Friday, accused doctors of breeding quacks through the training of auxiliary nurses and health attendants in private health institutions.

He said, “Medical doctors are about the biggest problem in health care. In Nigeria today, 99 per cent of them stock drugs in their private health facilities for prescription to patients. This is wrong; it is illegal. They constitute the biggest threat to lives in the health sector.

“Find out who trains auxiliary nurses and health attendants. When the trainees leave the setting, they spread to the communities to perpetrate illegalities.”

The PSN boss argued that pharmacists could not be held responsible for the purpose for which a drug is bought.

He blamed the unrestricted over-the-counter sale of prescription drugs on regulatory agencies. He called for the empowering of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria to enforce and prosecute. He also urged the government to budget more funds for the sector.

Akintayo said, “As for drugs, the problem in Nigeria is that there is unhindered access to all categories of drugs. The regulatory agencies are not empowered financially too. Government earmarks about five per cent of its budget for health care, compared to 13 per cent of the minimum required.”

The Chairman, Nigeria Medical Association, Dr. Francis Faduyile, however, said pharmacists were insincere with their allegations.

According to him, training of nurses and health workers in private hospitals had been banned in Lagos State.

“Pharmacists consult within their shops and this is beyond their work. It is part of the rights of a doctor to prescribe and to leverage on a number of drugs. The major question is, ‘Are pharmacists ready to stop consulting in their shops?’

“If you go to any pharmacy to complain of headache or fever, drugs will be prescribed for you. Go there with the result of a blood test; you will see them giving you drugs. It is not about professional fight; let us do the right thing.”

Gangnam Style, most-watched Youtube video. Dance like say you dey on top horse…

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style, the dance track wey South Korean pop phenomenon Psy, don turn Youtube’s most-watched video of all time. You fit get to watch am here

The video don gather more than 814 million views since dem upload am for July.

Psy cartoonised



The video dey make yeye of – “poke fun at” the consumerism of Gangnam, one better suburb for the South Korean capital Seoul.


For inside the song, the portly Psy dey dance as if na on top horse em dey, holding the reins and spinning a lasso in a manner everybody for the world don dey kolo with the dance.

“The video also features the 34-year-old singer reclining on a sun lounger in tight pink shorts, gazing longingly at a girl dancing on an underground train in tight shorts and gesticulating at a woman working out on a beach – in tight shorts.

The dance

“The dance has sparked numerous copycat versions, being performed by a diverse fan-base including Filipino prison inmatesprominent Chinese artist Ai WeiweiUN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and a Chinese robot.”

Gangnam Style, na em win best video for this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards and the thing na number one in 28 countries.


Na em hold the Guinness World Record for the most “liked” song ever – about 5.4 million likes on YouTube.

This video, na em take over from Justin Bieber’s.