A couple with the Channel Islands Whale Expedition group kayak through Painted Cave at Santa Cruz IYears ago,

We set sail on this ship

Guided by the full moon

And accompanied,

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Disrupting the Nigerian political stronghold by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi [OPEN] »

By ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi In Asare, a little town that thrived yet smiled without much of western civilization, the people depended solely on a small stream of water that escaped through small openings around gigantic stones that blocked and lurched a huge supply of water behind it back into underground, inaccessible recesses. The stones constituted an …

Source: Disrupting the Nigerian political stronghold by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi [OPEN] »

Nigerian academia: Crooked walk through wilderness by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

It is no longer news that the Nigerian educational system is in doldrums. What may be an update is that many of the academics, especially tertiary, are in denial. They do not want to admit that there are fundamental crises bedevilling the institutions they occupy and systems they are meant to administer.

While succeeding public governments, at all levels, have apparently been determined to kill public education, through humiliation, harassment, hunger, nay, starvation, disorientation and ultimately self-annihilation through inter-union implosions, the academics have continued to contribute, in no small way, to fast-track the process. They have assumed either the complacent approach or become catalysts. The former via adopting the maxim – ‘if heavens must fall, everyone must be a partaker of the resulting calamity’, and therefore gone to sleep or the latter, whereby they actively participate in the horrification that has overwhelmed the READ MORE