New Comets to visit Earth, March and September. Eye of God?

images (2)“A spectacular, eye-catching Comet is to pay the Earth a visit in October, leaving a trail probably till January, 2014.”

That is the information reaching us from across the web, Catholic Online, Burlington Patch, Huffington Post etc.

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It is Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON), simply dubbed Comet ISON in the media and was discovered on the 21st day of September, 2012 “beyond the orbit of Jupiter, and almost immediately created a sensation in the astronomical community. The comet holds the promise of becoming so bright that it may be visible in the daytime sky.”



Comet “ISON’s fiery tail may be visible to those watching the night sky from October 2013 through January 2014″ – NASA’s Astronomer.images (3)

At its closest to the sun, Comet ISON will be just 1.8 million kilometers from the solar surface, or just over one million miles. This is extremely close, and some comets that pass that close do not survive the approach, breaking up and melting into the solar wind instead.

There are interesting facts about Comet ISON that must not escape the student of nature. Find out!

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You want to see the comet now? Ok, here’s your guide…
2013013941ison-pThe arrow points to the area where to look for ISON now. Unfortunately, you will need a very large scope to spot it now if you have to. However, it will become visible in 8′-10′ scopes in September.
Meanwhile, we expect an early-bird Comet in March this year. Let’s keep fingers crossed.

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