HUSBAND to be DIVORCED not for ‘poor performance’ but laziness by wife, 38

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Mrs Risikat Balogun, 38, of Ogbondroko area, Ilorin, is blazing hot to secure a divorce against her husband, Ahmed, of three years on the ground that he is lazy.

“My husband prefers playing draft and ayo games with his friends instead of searching for a  job to do,” that’s what she said. Our “marriage was contracted in 2010 and had produced a  female child aged two years.”

“My husband has refused to struggle on his own and has not been contributing a kobo to ensure the survival of the family,” she said.

The husband however apologetically said he had been trying his best to look for a job although his efforts were not yielding the desired results.

“Since I lost my former job in 2011, I became helpless because my wife has changed her attitude toward me,” he said.

He, however, prayed the court not to grant the prayer of his wife, saying he was still interested in the marriage.

The case was today adjourned to Jan. 10 for report of settlement or further hearing by the presiding judge, Mr Ibrahim Abdulquadri.

Does this case show lack of patience on the wife’s part or outright irresponsibility on the husband’s part?

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