Designer Covers €350,000 Gold Ring with a Piece of em Skin


Forget Me Knot gold ring na em the Icelandic fashion designer, Sruli Recht call em piece of luxury jewelry. The artist had a strip of his own skin surgically removed and mounted on a 24-karat-gold band.

My guy do surgery collect a strip of skin from em abdomen and this piece of skin, 110 by 10 millimeters, with the hair still intact, wey dem salt and tan before dey come mount am on the gold piece of jewelry.

You wan buy for yourself this little part of Sruli Recht, go get, earn, mill or do anythin wey you like but wey dey legal to obtain it for the “small” price of €350,000. No be Naira or dollar o.


2 thoughts on “Designer Covers €350,000 Gold Ring with a Piece of em Skin”

  1. ds kind ring i no fit buy am, cos no b ma skin dey ontop am wia d man fit stil claim am say na hm get am despite d legitimate ownership transfer $350000.

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