My life is in danger too&I need 2 armoured vehicles worth N255 million


If you missed the news on the Aviation ministry scandal involving the Minister, Stella Oduah and which lends some disgrace to Nigeria’s Presidency, please catch up here

Reading through whatever comes up, one will find out that the cars were never budgeted for. That’s definitely sad, considering that there are other items budgeted for but that never got procured.

Again, from the information made available by the Presidency, there has never been, even outside of the budget, any agreement, official or otherwise, on the need to purchase those vehicles. Yet, they were purchased while the agreement that was mutually entered into between the FGN and ASUU in 2009 is right there, gathering dust on unknown tables.oduuaaOdduu

Another interesting detail is that “the cost of the bullet proof BMW vehicles, purchased for Stella Oduah, Nigeria’s Aviation Minister, may have been inflated…. “At Freedom Global Cars, a world class supplier in the global sales of both luxury and armoured vehicles, a Sapphire black 2012 BMW 760Li High Security car costs £265,000 – including VAT – (about N64m).” Check that against the quoted N127,xxx,xxx with which Ms. Oduah’s car was bought. Check PREMIUM TIMES for details. Haba! More than double the price; even the insurance boys must be envious by now. oduua h

What’s justifiable, in the minimum, is the claim that Ms. Oduah’s life is in danger and as such, every Nigerian should understand the need for 2, I mean two, armored vehicles, worth more than their actual market costs to be purchased for a single life. Her life must be much more precious than the lives of the rest of Nigerian citizens put together. I hope I’m right.

odudulAkUnLeScReWs would have Ms. Oduah and supporters know that as far as we should be concerned, the lives of every Nigerian is in danger too and therefore, we all need an armored vehicle each. Whose life is not in danger? Peep through the window and you’ll get the figures.

If you don’t, I do need one. And each must cost N127,xxx,xxx but 1, I mean one, is sufficient for me; I don’t know about you.

Next time you have the opportunity, please ask for your own armored vehicle from the Presidency.

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the said armored vehicles is unknown. That’s expected; my only worry is how predictable Nigerians, even those who pride themselves as been leaders, could be. Check here for details but don’t expect to lay hold of the vehicles o

Another meanwhile. Just yesterday night, I saw a brand new Toyota vehicle (who again knows the names of all these new cars plying our roads these days sef?) and tried unsuccessfully to get a picture of the number-plate. There’s an evidence. It reads PRESIDENCY. NANS XXX XX. Then, it dawned on me why the President of NANS (National Association of Nigeria Students) has been supporting the Federal Government of Nigeria against ASUU as the ASUU strike enters its 4th month. Who won’t? ASUU has never deemed it fit to give NANS bicycle, don’t ever mention motor, car or vehicle. lol. NANS Presido, drive on….

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