NIGERIA by Dapo Jegede

This poem, “Nigeria”, was originally published on on the 2nd of October, 2013.

I find it quite relevant for the times…

dapojegs' Blog


A great nation with great heritage
We need to reach and take advantage
Of the vast deposits we have on the inside
So we can exploit resources on the outside

In trouble we play the blame game
Everyone somehow withdraws in shame
No one wants to take responsibility
For us to obtain true liberty

We are so rich yet so poor
A lock still remains on the door
Our minds still bears the yoke of slavery
Deliverance will come at the wake of bravery

Like the ancient story of the tyrant cat
That troubled and preyed on the rats
As long as none the cat could bell
Their lives remained a living hell

A new Nigeria will emerge I believe
This however depends on you and me
What sacrifice are you willing to give
The factors that divide we should leave

Hope indeed is a beautiful thing
So different from…

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