The First Time Fear: The France Crisis On Facebook- Jesujoba Ojelabi

First off, I would like to say that this is simply my perspective. If you do not agree with it, it’s alright and I would in fact appreciate a lucid comment detailing why.

 In the little time I have spent on earth as a member of the Homo sapiens species, I have come to learn a number of things about Humanity. Firstly is her diversity in similarity, a concept more scientifically referred to as “Variation”. Variation itself is a facet of science that in itself has earned enough attention to be studied on its own and names like Jean Lamarck and Charles Darwin are some that come to mind when this aspect of science is mentioned. The resultant effect of variation in Human beings is quite amazing: Two people can be born of the same parents and still be so antagonistic in character and physique. While variation can be a good thing, most especially in the advancement of our species, it also sometimes has some side effects which can be almost as nasty as its benefits. The fact that two people tend to see the same thing differently sometimes is the basis of some scientific advancements and at the same time, it has also been the basis of some disagreements that has eventually transcended into very disastrous wars and terrorist activities.

 Another very progressive characteristic of human beings is adaptation. Obviously, human beings are amongst the most successful animals today simply because she has learnt to manipulate both herself and the environment (although, some “side effects” tend to arise from these manipulations). However, I would like to look at adaptation from a very simple and local perspective. A simple illustration; if I rub my hands on fire today, it’s going to hurt most today. If I come back tomorrow and rub my hands against the same flame, it would not be as painful and if I continue to rub my hands every day for the next one year, I am definitely going to feel very less pain in a year’s time rubbing my hands on the same flame: Adaptation.
 I believe these features of man reflect in his psychological responses. When he first hears a bomb blast, he is scared but when he hears the same blast repeatedly he is less scared. However, if the blast suddenly sounds louder, he feels the first time fear again and the progression begins all over again.
 Very recently, I have read various comments as regards the Paris Crisis, the Facebook response and the #PrayforParis campaign (On that note, I use this opportunity to send my most sincere condolences to the victims of the France attacks). I have read comments regarding Facebook’s response towards the attacks as racist considering the fact that a lot of terrorist attacks have not received such response, most especially attacks in African countries. However, I do not entirely agree with this school of thought. Terrorism is a plague that has continued to devastate the entirety of humanity and as is his character, man has adapted to this ravaging concept.

 However, every once in a while, an incident tends to remind us that terrorism is not at all a normal thing; Sometimes this incident is 9/11, sometimes it’s the abduction of over 200 girls in Africa, sometimes it’s the dead body of a young boy that washes ashore. Today it’s the victims of the France attack and so I believe when that clueless person gives his display picture a touch of the Flag of France or when that man who doesn’t even know where the Eiffel tower is uses the hashtag; #PrayforParis, it’s not because somebody is white and somebody is black, it’s because people died as a result of terrorism. Now, claiming that I shouldn’t use the hashtag because a hashtag was not created when terrorist killed in Africa, I think that even defines racism in a sense.
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First published on oaupeeps on the 16th of November, 2015

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