JUNE 12 by Gloria Agboola

June 12 This day, indeed, appears calm but alas!, appearances deceive. 276 months after Democracy was grossly undermined by those familiar forces who are yet to reasonably justify the actions that forever mar this day, for good and bad, and perhaps never would, we are where we are.

As at now, our Nation keeps plunging into Economic sorrows, the depth of which cannot be correctly gauged until we are at the very bottom, yet, there is much beauty to be seen. We did it.

We finally have a firm grasp of a reality that evolved many centuries ago…Democracy “by the People, of the People and for the People”.

Amidst threats and ridiculously entertaining displays by supposed leaders of thoughts, Jega did the unexpected. He proved that a people so deafened by corruption could hear themselves speak. A new era begun.

Now, we cannot dispute that the nitty-grittie of a democratic process has been firmly placed, what remains the bone of contention is “by who?” In a Nation so large, with a staggering number of ethnic groups, it is not so surprising that assuming one coherent identity resulting from a seamless integration is very difficult,  if not outrightly impossible.

Till today, chants of “our oil”, “our manpower”, “our land” and so on plague us still and in the nearest future, may wreck even more havoc than was at the June 12, 1993 Presidential elections. Indeed, we can speak but with too many voices clamouring for acknowledgement,  it is quite burdensome to decipher what is being said.

There has never being a time more urgent than now to harmonize our thoughts. Marginalisation need not be feared, the Nigerian music is made more beautiful.
I am an atypical yoruba female, not because I bear little or no physical  resemblance to one, but because I reject all ethnic restrictions and biases particular to my tribe, much to the chagrin of my loved ones.

There is no gray area, I am a Nigerian, even though just what it means to be one is still shady and undefined, I will remain one.

Will you?june 122

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