(Only for the Cerebral)

cacophony for Tope Awoniyi

A cacophony of ideologies, opinions…. We are a rare assortment of silently hopeful individuals, complacently hopeless ones and insolent specimens, just to mention a few, who occupy this noble space created almost six decades ago.

Invariably, the unity that lies in diversity tends to come into its own, when such an event as a football match is on-going; it however loses its grip and goes into oblivion at our slightest experience of pressure. Thus, an alien begins to wonder if we really are not all a bunch of nominated warriors from the core of different planets, who just converged for a contest, in order to choose the best sniper!

Despite the impacts of our brushes; the thuds of our punches on its walls, it still stands. It is obvious that these brushes are not unconnected with our individual ego trips at the expense of our collective interest. However, we will not forget the eye likely courts astigmatism, even if it survives blindness, when hit incessantly.

And how do you lay claim to fame? At all costs, how do you become a renowned persona?

Simply belong to the insolent lot. Get on cyberspace and hurl derogatory lines at your ancestors’ age mates, as you giggle over the feat. Also, never forget to attack the first two categories mentioned above who don’t share your ideals. By your opinion, theirs is the case of a crawling snake on the rock.

Now, be retrospective. Do burrow into your past rantings and see whether or not your ‘fans’ left more than their plaints. Of course, they read the stuff but did nothing! They, like you, are ardent seekers of attention to their own ranting; so, what can they make of yours? When we all ‘say’, who will ‘do’?

Our memories do fail. We are blessed with forgetfulness. But the scribe in us never loses his archives.

Let this exhibition of cowardice and moral decadence, garbed in care and concern, cease. Get to work! The change you crave begins with you!  The partridge knows not where the sparrow whitens her apparel. Such is the order of the change agents.

7 thoughts on “AN INROAD INTO RENOWN by Tope Omoniyi”

  1. This is true of what’s most rampant in the society today. We never lack comments on what’s going on in the society. There’s more to say than what to do. We leave our own business to mind others. Everybody is to the fault except us. Thanks for this needed words of truth.

  2. An awesome piece, it’s a good read. The fact that it’s not just about everything that is wrong but also a call for change and action is the kind of positive reinforcement that is needed. Cause the more we say it, the more it registers. Thanks for a well thought out piece.

  3. This is a beautiful piece that captures the ugly truth about the state of out society today. We all need to wake up and do the right thing.

  4. This really got to me. ‘Our memories do fail. We are blessed with forgetfulness. But the scribe in us never loses his archives.’ We always have an argument ready at every given time with no respect for ourselves. A wonderful piece.

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