2023: The Year of Pocketing, Junketing and Confusion

2023 is a year that bodes differently for different people.

For some, it’s the subject of jokes, especially the undecided young Nigerians who seek to be voted as governors of either Ebonyi or Abia States, or Kaduna if the electorates would be so magnanimous.

For others, it’s the year to sit tight and claim their share of the national cake, especially those who feel strongly that previous leaders in the country do not have as much stake as they do in the pocketing of the national largesse. So, here they all come in all shapes, sizes and ages scampering and junketing from one pulpit to the next market, TV station, stadium, and wherever will serve them up on a pedestal.

For yet other groups, it’s the year of cashing out. The year to rake in the dividends for agitating for a “better nation”. To these folks, Nigeria is irredeemable united or as broken nations and the best use of their time and energy would be chasing clout and cashing out. In any case, these are the ones that pretend being more tactical in the game of cashing out.

Others, many more of them, are more upfront about their intentions. These ones are excited stooges of tested-and-trusted or would-be crooks in and out of the corridors of power.

Watch them (and pray, if you will) as they pour out from their hunger-infested closets in attempt to clear the rations that don’t belong to them.

Sadly, for some of us, it’s the year of acute confusion; that sort of confusion that sleeps on the streets and in the hearts. It’s the confusion of a nation that dances to the music of the men that pocket her resources, leaving her to die of starvation. Confusion as the music men foist themselves on the nation, with the confidence that they can never fail.

Watch them (and pray, if you will) as they file out. The same men that superintended rail projects on borrowed terms, rails that have recently become objects of surprise terror attacks, are now on the field racing to become president.

Oblivious of the insecurities that claim the lives of young, brilliant Nigerians, those who are supposed to nip insecurity in the bud are fast about their stock in trade.

Dr. Chinelo Nwando Megafu

Those that ministered to the education sector till it became comatose, turning students into idle hands, are now the brides of select electorates, hoping to curry the votes of students and their stunted lecturers.

Many veteran supporters of change promised, never delivered are seeking to run again, assured that Nigerians forget too soon and choose rather to laugh away their miseries.

Here we go again 63 years after, 2023, the year of junketing, pocketing and confusion!

‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi, lakunlejaiyesimi@gmail.com

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