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Crazy artworks wey dey ascend from and descend into the earth. Madness or creativity?


Argentinian street artist, Eduardo Relero, 48, na em dey turn dull pavements into incredible three-dimensional artworks wey fit make person hit pillars with em head.

Below, you go see  “flying lions, giant waterfalls, gaping craters, giant feet sticking out of gaping holes in the ground and ancient figures lying in tombs that are actually just the tops of public benches.

Eduardo-Relero-street-art2-550x412 Eduardo-Relero-street-art3-550x412 Eduardo-Relero-street-art4-550x412 Eduardo-Relero-street-art5-550x412 Eduardo-Relero-street-art6-550x412 Eduardo-Relero-street-art7-550x733 Eduardo-Relero-street-art-550x412