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A personal Experience

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“I met an old man in a bus on my way back to the University a few years ago. He looked scraggy, finished but interestingly talk active.

He sat next to me, I told him my dreams. We had a great time.

And when I was about to leave, he said to me “Son, look at me, look at you, I had great plans for today just a few yesterdays (years) ago too.

I was once like you, but don’t be like me.  The only thing that can make a difference between the both of us in a few years lies in what we choose to do with our time, everyday.


He said something profound, he said, “When your youth and your now is a blunder, it leads to an adulthood of struggle and an old age of regret”. Immediately I got off that bus in 2007, I wrote this article below.  Let me share it with you.




©Eizu Uwaoma



Are we moving forward? Do we live 365 days in a year or are we living a day, 365 times?

There’s a difference. Continue reading A personal Experience