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Where to be born in 2013: Nigeria comes last in survey?

According to The Economist’s survey of 80 countries, Nigeria na em come last as a country where children go want make dem mama born them. see full article here http://www.economist.com/news/21566430-where-be-born-2013-lottery-life

Wetin this mean na say no child go want make em mama born am for Nigeria. Wetin you think?

Russian Barbie is a doll who supposedly had her ribs removed to have a smaller waist

Her name na Valeria Lukyanova, 21. She be the self-proclaimed “most famous woman on the Russian-language internet”.


She removed her rib to get thinner waist and her nose got an enhancement surgery too.


Certainly, she got tiny waist, sexy nose.

Wetin she look like?