Phone-y Election and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria


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Today’s Issue:    Phone-y Election and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria


I welcome every every to another episode of our MeroëRadio Show, Good Morning, Naija wey lakunlescrews bring give you. No vex say na evening I dey do this one, e be as e get. Na one something dey give person-brain tough-time. Abi how, beloved listeners, how you see the matter?


One person carry em professional body go court say dem disqualify him from contesting the Presidency of his Professional Society. The reason for the disqualification na say em never work ‘post-qualification’ for the required number of years before gunning for the esteemed chair.


Wetin his own fans dey talk na say their man was disqualified because of the region wey em come from. That region don too produce Presidents. Kai! Some others talk say that one sef na sentiments, ehm propaganda, of course.


In short, our man sued the Society and the hearing of the case na 7th of November (Wednesday, just gone). The court suppose hear from the parties involved and decide whether to allow the election to go on without ‘our man’ (scheduled for the next day, 8th of November) or to suspend the election until dem accordingly integrate ‘our man’. Shikena!


Wetin we hear? The Judge, supposed umpire, yarn on the day of the hearing say em no get motor (abi na car dem dey call am) to convey am go court. So, dem postpone the hearing to sometime in December (weeks after the election must have held).  Reasonable!


‘Our Judge’ no get motor, Okada no dey, em no get friend or family member wey get motor. I suppose fit know sef say official car sef no dey and nobody dey em workplace wey get motor. Naija men dey suffer. No?


Hmmmm, lakunlescrews dey beg the Government make dem dey provide motor or Okada or at least a bicycle to our Judges make something fit convey them to court. Na beg I beg o. Signed!


Make we go one Musical Break now with the music of Tu baba, Ole.


MB: [Sing along]






You are welcome back to our show, Good Morning, Naija.

Wetin we dey discuss na the happening for the Pharmaceutical Society of Naija National Conference wey dey happen for Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta, Nigeria.


 The PDP former BOT Chairman (arrange the words well, if I get am wrong), former Naija President, Priest, Man of God, Father of Aremu, Chiefs (only one man), GCFR blah, blah, blah, actually honoured the Naija Pharmacists with his presence, a speech and his usual mannerisms (I expect a smile). In fact, ‘Our Presido’ dash Naija Drug Men a cocktail wey pass party.


Soon, we go do a photo exhibition on top am.


Meanwhile, lakunlescrews go dey wait for your calls make you help me halla say make Government provide motor or bicycle to ‘Our Judges’ (whichever they prefer because I know bicycle will come in handing when they need to arrive court late, behind schedule and therefore presented with a need to postpone the hearing, whatever ways lawyers describe that).


We go meet again next episode.


Once again, this show na Good Morning, Naija on MeroëRadio.





The mind is a great thing, it should be referred to as the 1st or humbly, the 0.5th wonder of the world.


Everyone has a mind which is capable of arresting time, twisting and bending it at will to make a masterpiece of intangibles that are fed to it.


Never asking for too much, neither a mind that will set a carbon paper on fire nor the mind that will make you walk barefoot on red-hot coals, just the one that will break the boundaries of limitation and step gallantly onto that shore with uncertain uncertainties, maybe.


That’s what to have. It’s like the Sword while love is your shield….


2 thoughts on “Phone-y Election and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria”

  1. Bros all ds our mata tire me no be small. My own be say make we no 2 blame our leaders dem bcos na we dey allow dem 2 perpetrate & perpetuate nonsense. Imagine say the whole process dey “obviously manipulated” but our pple still waka go vote for the nonsense election. Na wa 4 us o
    Abi if say nobody vote anybody for fit claim 2 b leader? Smh

    1. hmmm, matter no dey shake for elder belle. This one wey you talk na very true gist. I wonder wetin the electorates dey think as dem dey vote that day sef.
      I’m afraid Naija people do not consider that all will do go enter history books. smh

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