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I’m in a mess. ASUU is on strike. Again. For the umpteenth time, that is


“I find that the great thing in this

world is not so much where we

stand as in what direction we are

moving: To reach the port of

heaven, we must sail sometimes

with the wind and sometimes

against it – but we must sail, and

not drift, nor lie at the anchor.” –

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

(29 August 1809 – 8 October 1894)

The name, Musa Parad Isiaka, is that of a fictional character that I intend to be the protagonist in a novel. I’d been nursing the idea of this novel for some time now. For lack of ideas at the moment however, I have elected to gloss over a short period in the life of one Nigerian academic, who goes by the same name. Hence, whatever narrative you read below differs greatly from that of my novel protagonist, at least in their conception.

This period, I innocently wish (like a child is wont to) would ultimately become somehow inculcated into the novel, as events that constitute a major telling bulk of the novel. And when it does, it may just come up as a dream that can’t either harm or make (I’m not here referring to a prophetic dream, mind you). I plead, no one should spank me for all I’ve said and will say, especially for having a “head full of cobwebs”, like my mentor would say, if you know what he means.

If you must know, my usual reaction every time he said it was to gently rub Continue reading I’m in a mess. ASUU is on strike. Again. For the umpteenth time, that is

Update: Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist

The following na the story wey the MD of the Pharmacy outlet, HealthPlus Magodo, wey robbers attack recently yarn about the incident. Read and make your own conclusions…


“Dear All, this information should have come earlier, but we were waiting on the police to make progress with their investigation, so that we give accurate information. On Sun 2 Dec, armed robbers attacked Magodo Branch. A customer was shot in the foot (he is ok), personal items, cash, walking sticks, perfumes & cash were stolen. A customer’s car was driven away (its been found). Another’s car keys were taken. An unfortunate incidence indeed.

Our Guard did not report to our CSO neither did he report to his Prudential Guard. He disregarded SOPs. By Tue 4 Dec, we watched the CCTV recording & the 1st observation was that the recording started when the robbers were already inside the store. The feedback was that the Pharmacist on duty switched off the CCTV so that the robbers will not damage it, but that he later switched it on. If this was the case,we would have seen the beginning of the shift @about 10am.We would have seen the normal activities till the 2 robbers came in, Continue reading Update: Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist

Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist



RADIO SHOW:   Good Morning Naija

STATION:             MeroëRadio

TIME:                    25 hours G.M.T. every single day, no be small thing

Today’s Issue:    Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist

I welcome you to another episode of the radio show, ‘Good Morning, Naija’ on MeroëRadio. This episode go bam. We wan focus small on wetin dem dey call Injustice as the thing recently affect one small part of an ogbonge profession of we country, Naija. That profession na Pharmacy.

Wetin dem dey call injustice?

According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, injustice na “the fact of a situation being unfair and of people not being treated equally.”

So, wetin concern us for this matter sef; injustice, pharmacy? Well, me sef no know o. All wetin I know na say e get one Pharmacy like that wey dem dey call HealthPlus. Na the magodo branch for Lagos the injustice happen. And na against the Pharmacist wey dey work  for there e happen.

The antenna of MeroëRadio, na em catch the news on Sunday, 2nd December, 2012. The antenna see robbers, daredevils, as dem dey enter the Magodo Continue reading Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist

“Doctors, major problem in health care” – Oga of Pharmacists • “You’re insincere” – Oga of Doctors

These-Are-notMYwords, they are Punch’s Leke Baiyewu’s.

“Pharmacists have accused medical doctors of posing threats to the lives of Nigerians through unethical practices. They challenged them to an open debate over their activities in the health sector.

The President, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Mr. Olumide Akintayo, who spoke to our correspondent on the telephone on Friday, accused doctors of breeding quacks through the training of auxiliary nurses and health attendants in private health institutions.

He said, “Medical doctors are about the biggest problem in health care. In Nigeria today, 99 per cent of them stock drugs in their private health facilities for prescription to patients. This is wrong; it is illegal. They constitute the biggest threat to lives in the health sector.

“Find out who trains auxiliary nurses and health attendants. When the trainees leave the setting, they spread to the communities to perpetrate illegalities.”

The PSN boss argued that pharmacists could not be held responsible for the purpose for which a drug is bought.

He blamed the unrestricted over-the-counter sale of prescription drugs on regulatory agencies. He called for the empowering of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria to enforce and prosecute. He also urged the government to budget more funds for the sector.

Akintayo said, “As for drugs, the problem in Nigeria is that there is unhindered access to all categories of drugs. The regulatory agencies are not empowered financially too. Government earmarks about five per cent of its budget for health care, compared to 13 per cent of the minimum required.”

The Chairman, Nigeria Medical Association, Dr. Francis Faduyile, however, said pharmacists were insincere with their allegations.

According to him, training of nurses and health workers in private hospitals had been banned in Lagos State.

“Pharmacists consult within their shops and this is beyond their work. It is part of the rights of a doctor to prescribe and to leverage on a number of drugs. The major question is, ‘Are pharmacists ready to stop consulting in their shops?’

“If you go to any pharmacy to complain of headache or fever, drugs will be prescribed for you. Go there with the result of a blood test; you will see them giving you drugs. It is not about professional fight; let us do the right thing.”

Maridonald: Breaking the cuffs of Marijuana. Colorado and Washington in view!









Seun Anikulapo Kuti, son of Afro-beat maestro, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, wey yamutu about 1.5 decades ago,dey advocate for the legalisation of Marijuana.

His words, “Marijuana is medical, and I feel Cigarette is selling legally because it is white man’s business. It is killing millions of people every day. ‘Igbo’ is not killing anybody… Marijuana is not only for smoking. It’s used for a lot of things; you can make clothes, you can drink tea, it is good, it is medicinal, it helps your appetite, they give it to cancer patients.. a lot of benefits”.

This dey happen as two states in the United States, Colorado and Washington recently joined others as dem legalise the herb ‘for medicinal purposes’.




Other states for United States dey different stages of breaking the cuffs of Marijuana.

See http://medicalmarijuana.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=000881


Naija, my country, wetin dey happen? “Everything is prohibited, bad, extremely so for us it becomes deprohibited, good for other countries, especially, the United States.”



Phone-y Election and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria


RADIO SHOW:   Good Morning Naija

STATION:             MeroëRadio

TIME:                    25 hours G.M.T. every single day, no be small thing

Today’s Issue:    Phone-y Election and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria


I welcome every every to another episode of our MeroëRadio Show, Good Morning, Naija wey lakunlescrews bring give you. No vex say na evening I dey do this one, e be as e get. Na one something dey give person-brain tough-time. Abi how, beloved listeners, how you see the matter?


One person carry em professional body go court say dem disqualify him from contesting the Presidency of his Professional Society. The reason for the disqualification na say em never work ‘post-qualification’ for the required number of years before gunning for the esteemed chair.


Wetin his own fans dey talk na say their man was disqualified because of the region wey em come from. That region don too produce Presidents. Kai! Some others talk say that one sef na sentiments, ehm propaganda, of course.


In short, our man sued the Society and the hearing of the case na 7th of November (Wednesday, just gone). The court suppose hear from the parties involved and decide whether to allow the election to go on without ‘our man’ (scheduled for the next day, 8th of November) or to suspend the election until dem accordingly integrate ‘our man’. Shikena!


Wetin we hear? The Judge, supposed umpire, yarn on the day of the hearing say em no get motor (abi na car dem dey call am) to convey am go court. So, dem postpone the hearing to sometime in December (weeks after the election must have held).  Reasonable!


‘Our Judge’ no get motor, Okada no dey, em no get friend or family member wey get motor. I suppose fit know sef say official car sef no dey and nobody dey em workplace wey get motor. Naija men dey suffer. No?


Hmmmm, lakunlescrews dey beg the Government make dem dey provide motor or Okada or at least a bicycle to our Judges make something fit convey them to court. Na beg I beg o. Signed!


Make we go one Musical Break now with the music of Tu baba, Ole.


MB: [Sing along]






You are welcome back to our show, Good Morning, Naija.

Wetin we dey discuss na the happening for the Pharmaceutical Society of Naija National Conference wey dey happen for Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta, Nigeria.


 The PDP former BOT Chairman (arrange the words well, if I get am wrong), former Naija President, Priest, Man of God, Father of Aremu, Chiefs (only one man), GCFR blah, blah, blah, actually honoured the Naija Pharmacists with his presence, a speech and his usual mannerisms (I expect a smile). In fact, ‘Our Presido’ dash Naija Drug Men a cocktail wey pass party.


Soon, we go do a photo exhibition on top am.


Meanwhile, lakunlescrews go dey wait for your calls make you help me halla say make Government provide motor or bicycle to ‘Our Judges’ (whichever they prefer because I know bicycle will come in handing when they need to arrive court late, behind schedule and therefore presented with a need to postpone the hearing, whatever ways lawyers describe that).


We go meet again next episode.


Once again, this show na Good Morning, Naija on MeroëRadio.





The mind is a great thing, it should be referred to as the 1st or humbly, the 0.5th wonder of the world.


Everyone has a mind which is capable of arresting time, twisting and bending it at will to make a masterpiece of intangibles that are fed to it.


Never asking for too much, neither a mind that will set a carbon paper on fire nor the mind that will make you walk barefoot on red-hot coals, just the one that will break the boundaries of limitation and step gallantly onto that shore with uncertain uncertainties, maybe.


That’s what to have. It’s like the Sword while love is your shield….