61-year-old woman shit twins for Hospital


Antonia Leticia Asti, a Brazillian madame, born twins (a boy and a girl) one week after her 61st birthday.


She and her husband, Jose Cesar Asti don dey find pikin for many years before God butter dem bread.


Dem don try to produce pikin for inside Test tube but the thing no work. Authorities no gree make dem adopt pikin sef because dem don old, nearing dem grave.

My wonder na say, “shey people no dey reach menopause again? Abi na we Scientists dey lie say women dey reach menopause?”


This one must be magic sha. You talk wetin? Miracle? I dey think…


2 thoughts on “61-year-old woman shit twins for Hospital”

  1. †̥☺ every scientifik conclusion, exception de plenty. Besides, great Α̲̅πϑ mighty things hapen after pabu.

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