Houses on Wheels…I no know wetin to call these…

House Truck by Ron Boyd

Custom-made house truck by Ron Boyd waka from the west coast to the Mississippi river for early 1980s. The thing dey permanently docked for Frank Waters writers institute in El Salto, New Mexico

School bus with Wood Interior

Exterior: Ordinary school bus.
Interior: Cozy, well-organized living space paneled with warm, inviting wood. Na the home of a young couple in the North Cascades area of the Pacific Northwest.


‘Bufalino’ na apartment on wheels, e dey tiny, three-wheeled recreational vehicle wey the room just dey big enough for one person to store em belongings, lay down or make em cook meal.

Wetin dey inside na bed, two seating units, a cooking zone, a basin, storage space, a water tank and a refrigerator make am be like home.


Eco-Friendly VW Van Camper

The VW bus na icon of the 1960s, wey dey use bio-diesel engine, GPS, fridge, freezer and solar power. The House sef get home entertainment center and a kitchenette wey dem build inside one of the doors.


Na one Belgian couple buy this Unimog, wey be multi-purpose four-wheel-drive truck, and dem convert am into this incredible custom RV.

For six months out of the year, na road the couple dey dey. Dem dey walka around around Europe in dem modern mobile house. The remaining six months, na inside one garage wey dem convert into a slightly larger home, dem dey live.


Na Australian photographer Rob Gray build this in 2006, when em want a home base while traveling the Australian wilderness taking nature photos.

Em get “bedroom with a hydraulically operated roof, a self-supporting back deck that folds up for travel, 8 solar panels, a real toilet and all the amenities of a standard camper.”

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