The inspiring exploit of a Nigerian Artisan: Covers Car in Woven Raffia Palm Cane

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Ojo Obaniyi, 40, na artisan…I mean artisan on the ‘streets’ of the Nigerian city of Ibadan. But em dey talented and ambitious. Na raffia palm cane weaving be em work and the guy dey posed to take that to heights unimaginable.

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He don come up with a unique way of advertising em services – “he covered the inside and outside of his Volkswagen pickup in the natural material.”

The guy do am o, covering the entire car body, the wheel caps, chairs, steering wheel and the entire dashboard.

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Ojo wey get 20 years experience weaving raffia palm cane, yarn “I wanted to prove a point that it is not only the educated elite that can make positive changes in society. We, the artisans also have talents to effect a change and make a positive impact in the society. That is why I decided that I too must do something that will make people to recognize me and know me across the whole world and by extension prove to the world that African and indeed the entire Black Race have very talented people.”

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“This just goes to show you creative ideas and talent don’t need big advertising budgets to be effective.”

Everybody dey great. Everybody fit achieve the best in dem chosen field only if dem put dem heart to it.

Make nobody deceive you. You are the best! Aha…

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