Piers Morgan, Alex Jones and Gun Control in America, ‘da States United’


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Today’s Issue:    Piers Morgan, Alex Jones and Gun Control in America, ‘da States United’


I welcome the whole earth to another episode of our MeroëRadio Show, Good Morning, Naija wey lakunlescrews bring give you. Today, time no dey for perimeter talk. Na one global comedy steal our attention earlier in the week. That popular Piers Morgan Tonight host, Piers Morgan, na em host one Alex Jones wey scatter scatter go burst for Monday, 7th January, 2013 on CNN.

Na wetin happen? On December 14, 2012, one small child, Adam Lanza, age 20, go shoot 20 other children and 6 adult staff for one elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut – Sandy Hook Elementary School in the village of Sandy Hook.



Since that time, the government of America, ‘da States United’ don dey mouth ‘gun-control, gun-control’ like a new musical hit. In short, the government wan introduce new measure to reduce guns in circulation.


Na wetin Alex Jones dey vex on top be that say if the government takes dem guns away, then wetin next? Tyranny just like history! Alex Jones get other things to talk apart from just the government’s plan to withdraw guns. So, he put up a great plan. A plan wey go evade the possible blockade of clinching an interview session on CNN.


The guy create a petition on the official website of America, whitehouse.gov, where em dey beg say make dem deport Piers Morgan back to em country for supporting gun-control. The petition gather over 100,000 signatures and as such Piers Morgan come invite Alex Jones make em come em show – Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN to talk why make dem deport am.


Na so the guy begin yarn o. Things wey dey way over person head. If you never see the video, catch am here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XZvMwcluEg

Meanwhile, make we go one musical break with MJ’s ‘We are the world’. We go return.


FX. [Sing along]





I welcome every back to the show. The show na Good morning, Naija on MeroëRadio.


Alex Jones yarn small o, things wey person only fit categorize as conspiracy theories.


Abi how, beloved listeners, how you see the matter?

When person dey yarn say the government wan collect all the guns in order make dem fit turn America to a Police State, under a Tyrannical leadership. He reminded the audience say tyranny na wetin dem get after “Hitler took the guns, Stalin took the guns, Mao Took the guns


Alex Jones also accused Piers Morgan, “You are an hatchet man for the New World Order!”

The guy claim say all the suicidal cases in America, where the victim killed himself after killing others, had victims all of dem using antidepressants especially the commonest ones – serotonin reuptake inhibitors. He claimed, correctly, say these drugs get as part of dem adverse reactions suicidal tendency. Hmmmm. Akika!


At some point, Alex Jones pronounced “1776 (revolution) will begin again if our guns are taken from us!”


This Piers Morgan/Alex Jones interview don dey generate plenty media fuss. E even get one edited video that footnoted Piers Morgan’s last few sentences “Someone looks nervous”.


Na only two ways you fit see the matter.


Either Alex Jones dey correct, as in very correct, say the Sandy Hook shooting dey orchestrated in order to introduce gun-control, which is a step against the country’s 2nd Amendment. That one go mean the beginning of tyranny in a free country.


Or em be dey wrong, in which case em dey mad or em na conspiracy theorist as dem call am.


“Whatever” as Piers Morgan talk am, make we remember say gun possession in America na 88% and any attempt to withdraw hundreds of millions of guns from the system fit by itself spark revolution. Watch your back.





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