“Nudity is a human right” (at least in the UK) – Naked Rambler

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“Dissident shines in the conservative world of the oyinbo – UK. And one wonders, where did we go wrong?”


One man, Stephen Gough, 54, wey dem dey call Naked Rambler don take as work nakedly walka-ing round the whole of England, nakedly na wetin I yarn.

The guy don spend most of the past decade naked, and in jail (10 years, wow).

One friend of lAkUnLeScReWs go yarn on top am say “this is Human Rights gone wild.”


As em dey walka round England, na em police dey arrest am. Even Prosecution lawyer, Roger Trencher yarn on Friday “Gough has caused much offense nationwide and he has used a considerable amount of police time in England, Wales and Scotland.”

However, the horse, in this case Gough na em yarn say em believe say nudity na human right. “There’s nothing about me as a human being that is indecent or alarming or offensive. That’s where I’m coming from, which is deep inside.

“So this provocative nature that the man [Robertson] is suggesting I have is nothing of the kind. It’s me, standing up for what I am. [Because] all of us are human beings too and we have children and our children are beautiful and we’re beautiful too, because we’re human beings – all the same. I have nothing to be ashamed about. I’m just a bloke standing up for the truth of what I am.”

Defense lawyer, Jeffrey Norie-Mille on em own yarn the court “Gough believes it is his right not to wear clothes and go about his normal activities in that state of undress.”


Judge for yourself, “liberty or conservatism, with their sublime edges”.

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It’s a smirk

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