LETTER TO THE SON OF MAN Vol.4 by Adeojo Kolawole Adeyemi Hannibal

Dear, Son of Man.

I am excited as ever to get your timely correspondence. It was a timely balm that soothes the strained joints of our daily struggles. More so, it was an insight into a higher mind that proffers pragmatic panacea to our constant societal problems from a distant world, while opening a vista for dialectical discourse on our continued existence as humans and as citizens of a highly soldiered sovereign alliance.

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images (1)I must quickly let you know that I have not had a good sleep for several days now, so if I don’t deliver as expected in this particular column, I hope you will understand  and still give me kudos for a job well done.

The foregoing typifies the mentality of the political leadership in this clime of ours and the saying, To whom much is given much is expected, is only operational as an idiomaticness that it is.

Tactical Maneuvering is the new one that we woke up to on Monday, when about 500 of our soldiers suddenly lost their geography sense and erroneously found themselves in the interior of Cameroon. The Defence Headquarters  had informed us that  the troops had gone for a regrouping. Yeparipa! Continue reading

Tefina: New nasal spray to help women reach orgasm. This one na man-aid….sort of ‘female viagra’

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If-U-Miss-Am, Tefina na one new drug wey Canadian laboratory Trimel Pharmaceuticals develop to  boost libido while increasing the blood flow to the sexual organs.

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Na testosterone-based nasal spray wey women fit inhale two hours before sexual activity.

The effects fit last up to six hours and “We’ve already shown that for women with a low sex drive, testosterone therapy can increase not only their sexual desire and arousal, but also help them to reach orgasm,” researcher, Susan Davis from the Monash University of Australia na em yarn Medical Daily.

This na good thing especially considering the fact say many marriages go dey saved from the clutches of divorce and unhappiness.

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