Tributes to the man of letter, always-alive Prof. Chinua Achebe

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Of note na the yarns of one of the major political parties in Nigeria, wey actually capture the essence of the mood. Find them below:

“Prof. Achebe’s nationalist and democratic credentials were unassailable. He loved Nigeria with a passion and used the platform offered by his global exposure to call attention, time and again, to the years of misrule in his homeland, which must have left a gaping hole in his heart till he breathed his last.

“In one of his most poignant acts, he twice turned down the national honours bestowed on him by the Federal Government to show his disapproval for the brigandage and anti-democratic antics of the government of the day, especially as it concerns his home state of Anambra, where a sitting governor was abducted in the full glare of the police by scoundrels who also pillaged and plundered state institutions.

“By that singular act, he gave hope and voice to Nigerians who have been tormented endlessly by those who hold power but lack the responsibility attached to it, those who substituted national interests with their personal, parochial interests, and those who have turned Nigeria into a laughing stock in the comity of nations with their endless looting of the national treasury,” the party yarn.

“Unfortunately, the same Federal Government that is now writing glowingly about this great son of Nigeria lambasted him for daring to turn down its poisoned chalice tagged national honour, which it had hoped to use to get a quiet seal of approval from him for its poor governance and anti-democratic ways. A man they should have used to sell Nigeria to the world without squirreling away millions of dollars was pilloried to no end by those who are not fit to lace his shoes. Now, he’s gone! What a missed opportunity for a nation without a soul!”

“Prof. Achebe stuck to his calling all through his life, and yet achieved a global acclaim. Lesser beings would have leveraged their achievements to join the fat cats on the boards of huge companies, smiling to the bank all the way. Lesser beings would have curried favour from the government of the day, irrespective of its record.

“Even after he was involved in a road crash, itself a result of years of misrule and corruption that have turned our roads to death traps and hospitals to mortuaries, he refused to be silenced. From his wheelchair, his voice rang out loud and clear to the world, on behalf of the poor, the deprived and the oppressed in his homeland. This is the Achebe we remember, and we are sure the one whom most Nigerians revere,” the party yarn.ACN yarn say the best tribute wey anybody fit pay Prof. Achebe no be naming of monuments after him or tarring the road that passed through his hometown, adding: “He can best be honoured and remembered by those who hold power using it for the common good of the greatest number of people, and by making Nigeria a country that every black man on earth will be proud of. There can be no greater honour.”


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As the world yarn say Chinua Achebe don die, na so everybody run go Twitter go dey pay dem tribute to the man of letters. Find some of dem comments below: (Thanks to Guardian blog).

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