MY QUEST@ The Tipping Point



In the year 2013, I stood at the top, the tipping point of a precipice located somewhere remote, almost from world contact but for the cyberspace that connects.
Almost sloughing off self, almost falling off, I stood giddy from stress and lack of sleep and weak from hunger, protracted. Below is a dagger eagerly waiting for the jugular and behind is a team of aggressors, ready to reach out and push, slowly approaching.


Where did I come from; how did I get here in the first place? Had I dropped off the back of a flying (and dying) bird? Maybe it was that I escaped the crash of an aircraft. Or could it be that I was born here…right here on this precipice, never been anywhere else and without a plan to be anywhere else? Something tells me it was my mother, (aside) the best in the world, who blew me here to safety, with the wind, from the reckless claws of those zombies, who killed baby boys in our ancestors’ time.

Alas, I’m afraid what happened was that I walked myself here deliberately escaping these aggressors that roar from behind. In that case, which actually represents how I got here, I must have forgotten the details of my sordid journey to this pregnant (even in structure) precipice if you know what’s implied.


Here I am and the choices available to me are quite few. I must either brace myself to fall, that is fall on the dagger full-breasted or learn to be the bird and fly, soaring high among the beautiful eagles.


It is right here on this precipice that nature prepared for me to be introspective, at least for once far removed from the screeching noises of a busy city – Lagos or Benin, Abuja or PH. A place to position one’s own life, in my case My(R) Inc. Ltd., before a plain mirror, inspecting the elements and the edges while x-raying the core, asking, “Whither from here, brother?”


I’m definite that everyone at some point in their his or her life must get to that point in order to clarify our lives, going forward. I had my chance but you can correctly guess it was not an easy one.


In conclusion, let’s talk a little about academics, especially as it borders on research. Here, we’ll concern ourselves with those areas of research that produce ‘amazing’ results that touch humanity in a bid to improve it, with the index of QoL – Quality of Life.


By amazing I mean even those researches that are usually conceived in common daily awareness; commissioned, carried out and concluded in quite simple settings and which have real and imagined potential to be life-savers. Again, by life-savers, I mean those ‘things’ that help humankind even in ordinary ways.


Hence, ‘Academia’ can be comfortably spotlighted as a concept of life-savers. This begs the question, “What do we do with the ocean of research results that rest on the dusty shelves of Professors and that keep growing?”


In responding, it is pertinent to note that many of these researches present results that, if applied as recommended, will be major contributions to knowledge, not only rhetorically but in practice. Even the market women and the unsuspecting craftsmen will benefit in numerous ways.


Rather than engage ourselves rhetorically in ways the benefits will come, it is better for one realising the need to engage in action to take off from this precipice and join the eagles as they go with the storm.


Please, wait around for OUTSTANDtv on youtube, download, view and comment. It may be the beginning of a great thing, or at least an half great thing. Welcome to the future….

2 thoughts on “MY QUEST@ The Tipping Point”

  1. And in the next few months, my mini-research will join the stacks of forgotten researches. For crying out loud, who will effect the needed change??? One of my professors recently said and i quote “My generation has failed in linking theories and practicals. I hope your own generation won’t”. I really hope we won’t. Still thinking sir…Thumbs up!

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