THE LEGEND OF EL-NUKAL (The 3rd series) written by Adeojo Kolawole Adeyemi Hannibal

lAkUnLeScReWsOf the countless nobles I’ve been acquainted with,
None has lighten the grey cloud aura around me as this god
Seconds spent on his table is compared to eon

In tandem with the previous dawn

This morning, I sent you three pearls
From the healing hearth of Obanta
The progenitor of the buoyant tribe at the gateway
The nodal towns bathing the atlantic

To buy three gourds of palm wine in ritual libation
One to the territories you have conquered
One to your incoming silver hirsute roof
The last one to the custodian; the undying embers
The fanning light, all this while that has been with you

This morning I break kola into three

All  fortuitously bode
The white calabash, you brought with you, what therein hold

I render each split to your morning;
The gregarious nymph with all its verdure


To your afternoon; the pathway of choices and decisions
That you may choose with divination

To your evening; the headstone of repose
That you may be tranquil in the face of the ultimate destination

In lifebooks, as you flip over to a new chapter
I supplicate Eledua for 5 silvers
In jubilee, and the winged messenger, Quicksilver
To his golden throne, sequestered with wishes
On your behalf to deliver.

(The Legend of El-Nukal continues – Dedicated to a Souljah broda on his Birth Anniversary)

7 thoughts on “THE LEGEND OF EL-NUKAL (The 3rd series) written by Adeojo Kolawole Adeyemi Hannibal”

  1. Wowwwwwww so so 9ce poem,couldn’t get ma eyes off it until I red 2d end…..gud diction nd wonderful theme whch based on love nd friendship….welldone dear!!!!

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