THE BOND II by Adeojo Kolawole Adeyemi Hannibal

When the sky breaks into pockets of inflamed cloud
And rumble like the bowel of an insatiable glutton
Restless tongues relate lucid tales of distant lands
Where dreams float aimlessly
To be planted and harvested at leisure

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LETTER FROM THE SON OF MAN vol. 5 by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

Dear Hannibal,

Permit me to quote one of your concluding remarks, “Like a twin emotion of burying a brother very close to heart and welcoming a newborn son into this world at the same time, Nigerians remain in the precarious oscillation of looking forward to a brighter future and looking into the dire present that promises no golden future.” As much agreement that I may have with that perception, it should be clearly noted that it cannot be all sad tales with Nigeria; not in the past gory days of military headship, the Jonathan days of Sodom and definitely not now. However, the message is quite obvious and succinctly delivered in that statement. The paradoxes of life’s dynamism! Continue reading