Dem don yarn again: Dogs look like humans in acquisition of OCD

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Some veterinarians for Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University and researchers for McLean Imaging Centre, McLean Hospitalwey dey Belmont, Massachusetts don publish the results of one kind new study of Doberman pinschers wey dey suffer from obsessive compulsory disorder (OCD).

Dem yarn say dogs get the same character, say dem dey respond to the same drugs, say dem get genes wey dey control the disorder and say dem get the same structural brain abnormalities like human beings wey get the disorder (OCD) sef.


If you no know wetin the disease be and you dey wonder wetin e be. No worry, I go yarn you.

People wey get OCD dey often do things repetitively and dey get persistent thoughts wey dey chop person time and interfer with daily routines. You know wetin I mean? People wey be say if dem dey do something, if dem no see the bottom, dem no go stop. Yes, na dem!

And dem dog counterparts wey get wetin dem dey call canine compulsive disorder (CCD) sef go dey do something repetitively like destructive behavior wey dem like. Like make dem dey pursue person for yansh (dem wan chop yansh?), barking (like say the ghost of Boko Haram Oga enter em compound). That kin’ thing….

Dem yarn say one kind  experiment “Comparison of MRI brain images of eight Dobermans with CCD to the control group demonstrated the same brain abnormalities that are reported in humans with OCD”.

lAkUnLeScReWs advise(s) “Watch out for people wey get OCD make dem no jam you for front and watch out for those dogs wey get CCD, make dem no chop your yansh.”


8 thoughts on “Dem don yarn again: Dogs look like humans in acquisition of OCD”

  1. Lol. At first, I was confused. I later got the gist. Thanks, I will watch out for both. Nice one! Keep it up Big Bro.

  2. Na waoooo. How I go know say my dog get CCD? Becos na everytime she dey remove and chop my car tyre tube cover. This don tire me that I no dey replace again.
    Which injection or merecine I go use to cure am, so that one day e no go chop my Yansh.
    Even d way e dey bark if visitor wey I usher in enter, e pass Boko Haram intruder.

    1. Ahahahahahhaha, if you one diagnose your dog and cure, a good veterinarian should be of immense help sir

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