Lessons from Nigeria’s Saka’s PORT-ability

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This one na special edition of the show, good morning, Naija on MeroëRadio. This na because lAkUnLeScReWs dey intriguingly engaged in the last few weeks. We believe say we go interest you with this edition, no be small. *smiles…

I dey sure say the issue of the Nigerian actor, Hafeez Oyetoro a.k.a. Simply Saka porting from one Nigerian telecommunications Company to another no be new matter to many Nigerians. If you no be Nigerian; well, you better begin learn.

Hafeez Oyetoro a.k.a. Simply Saka na ace comedian, wey don become the face of Etisalat (Pardon my mistake, face of MTN) na em News yarn say em switch network from one GSM company wey don brand em face for Television. After many years of dem relationship, Saka switch sharply to MTN. The whole incident na something wey funny pass expectation.

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Simply, for inside the new Advert with MTN, the thing show Saka inside green traditional attire only to transform interestingly into a bright yellow attire as em dey lead one music band.







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I don port o, I don port go MTN. I don upgrade to MTN‘, Saka na em dey sing and dance. Wetin better persons dey talk na say na N20m dem pay Saka for the deal.




Wetin he talk?

“To the glory of God, level don change. Let me put it like that. I believe that in the nearest future, level will finally change. But now, level don dey change. I have murdered poverty and God has finally murdered it for me. I am no longer poor, but very comfortable,”

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“There was a lady who disqualified me because I didn’t have a car. But, thank God, I eventually got a wife who genuinely loves me and who I genuinely love”.





Na Theatre Arts for Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Saka study. Em work small as part-time lecturer for Olabisi Onabanjo University before ‘porting’ to Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education in Ijanikin. Nobody too know am like that until very now.

In response to responsibilities for work and for MTN,

“I am a responsible civil servant. My duty is to teach other people’s children well, just as I would expect others to teach mine. So I cannot abandon my job. I assure you, everything has been taken care of.”

“Poverty was my friend and family for a long time. As you sit with me here side by side, that was how I was sitting with poverty in the past”.

The brand war wey dey between Etisalat and MTN telecommunications giants over making Saka a rich and famous kolo man na like the war between two cats over a peace of delicacy. One smell am, enjoyed the ‘pleasures’ of the aroma and without touching, the cat begin walka commot throwing em tail everywhere.

The second cat came along and hurriedly begin chop the delicacy. Na so the first cat begin whine say na em get the delicacy. Na that kind whine wey dem taper with an assurance say na em get the delicacy and an assurance say the meal dey come back to the righful owner.

Well, small truth dey inside. And this na because of The Mobile Number Portability wey Nigerian Communications Commission begin and wey take off on “April 22, this year, go allow a telecoms subscriber to migrate from network to another within a period of 90 days, without losing the original mobile number.” This logically mean say Saka go return to em “rightful” (no agreements undertaken, I suppose) owner after 90 days to support the idea behind NCC’s 90 days migration window.

Only say Saka get the freedom to port (as in), to any other Network Provider of em choice.

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Lessons to be learnt include:


You don’t give me what I’m worth? I port to what, who, where will appreciate my services to an extent to be willing to enter into contractual agreement with me on mutually consented favourable conditions, of course both ways.


The situation offers me the freedom to choose and to live the way I want and relatively when I want it so-lived without impinging on the freedom of others, of course. This freedom is second only to human dignity.

Human Dignity

If a man must die, why not die honourably? If a man must fail, why not fail honourably? There’s nothing more dignifying than self-respect, decorum (without external ruffling), worthiness, due respect and an unalloyed chance to live as you would. (pls see Fela Anikulapo Kuti). The chance to make choices from that of where to be born, where to grow to possibly, where to die without being harangued, in-spite of possible shortcomings that may come our way.


When there’s healthy competition, there’s opportunity to enjoy the benefits of  perfected and, of course, built-in quality of the ‘products’ that end in our hands.

lAkUnLeScReWs believes it all just makes life more beautiful since Nigerian Communications Commission launched the first phase of the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service.

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