The Kumuyis,Wedding,Indecency,apology,resignation and the public

lAkUnLeScReWs don gather from News making the rounds say Pastor William Kumuyi don offer to resign as General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church because of the controversy wey dey trail the wedding of em second son, John.

This decision is in spite of the tendered apology and suspension from the Church of the duo of John and Love Kumuyi.

The couple, the News yarn say, engaged in acts, wey dey against the church’s tradition during dem wedding for Jamaica on June 15, 2013.

Love, wey be the daughter of the National Overseer of Deeper Life Bible Church, Jamaica, Pastor Augustine Odih, na she dress inside fitted stylish wedding gown wey get transparent short sleeves. She even wear makeup, jewelry and hold flowers for hand. Other items wey dey the wedding na limousine and a huge wedding cake.

Even though Rev. Kumuyi offered to resign, the Church leadership yarn say make em no resign. Besides, Pastor Tunde Baker of the Latter Rain Assembly don fault the decision of the Church to suspend the couple saying, “I personally did not see what they have done wrong. A man is entitled to his own authority in his own home.1st Peter Chapter 3. A wife should dress to please the husband and not the members of the church or public. It’s sheer wickedness to the couple, they should leave them to enjoy their honeymoon. They should not squeeze them to the modus operandi of a particular organization. I did not see anything wrong in the wedding. The bride was not naked or dressed inappropriately and the groom didn’t. Esther the queen was beautifully dressed in the bible to gain the king’s attention. They should not make mountain out of a molehill. I was in the Deeper Life Bible Church for five years and nobody compelled me to dress the way I dressed. My wife was with me in the church though we weren’t married then. She wears earrings and dresses nicely. All this talk about this couple should stop.”

3 thoughts on “The Kumuyis,Wedding,Indecency,apology,resignation and the public”

  1. Tunde Bakare is the one making a mountain out of a mole hill, deeper life has their own standard, if you want to remain a member you should abide by it, otherwise quit. the decision was decisive and laid the record straight. it is good for the posterity and the future of the church. at least those that said masturbation is good will not like this type of decision.

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