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Snookums by B. Jaiyesimi

LakunleI searched deep within, for days without end, for a word, phrase or clause to express how I feel.

But lo, I came to realize, describing how I feel about you will be too mighty for words to express.

So here I sit beside the window, with the scorching sun hungrily munching my tender skin. Continue reading Snookums by B. Jaiyesimi

#Pausibility: An Altar Call For Fr. Kukah by Adebayo Coker

KukahDear Sir,

Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Although I have not written you letters in private that you refused to respond to, getting through to you through this medium is a matter of choice; a choice aimed at correcting the many banalities flying around about your most esteemed office.

I fell in love with your classic elocution and outspokenness when I was in my late teens during the Oputa Panel. You sat as the secretary of that Reconciliation Panel. Now I am in my mind 30s.
Continue reading #Pausibility: An Altar Call For Fr. Kukah by Adebayo Coker

A NOTE OF LOVE TO US AND THEM by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

crisesssA political fog has descended and successfully prevented clear sight, and one may justifiably say, made rational thinking more difficult than expected. Or how else would one describe the inglorious kidnap, yet again, of about 185 women and children by Boko Haram (same group that has terrorized Nigeria for years o, not a different one) in the North of Chibok? My reasoning is, if the government is yet to do anything about the abducted Chibok girls till the time of this writing, what ‘nothing’ don’t we expect with regards to this fresh abduction?

Between APC and PDP, Jonathan and Buhari, the people and the government, the new social media voice of dissent and the old order of “this is how we have always done it”, between the fine-mustached Elliots and the big-stomached Okupes, Nigerians must align themselves in a bid to define for ourselves the type of future we want for our children.

What is worse, some persons have categorically stated that, whichever way you look at it, whatever choices you make, Nigeria is bound to disintegrate before or after the 2015 Presidential elections. I may not agree. The indices may be glaring but this writer chooses to ignore them and not confuse himself the more by trying to make sense out of the no-sense situation, “The more you look, the less you see”. Continue reading A NOTE OF LOVE TO US AND THEM by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi


crucifixDear compatriots, let me wish you a Happy Independence Anniversary all the same, even though I have never had a more watery Independence Anniversary celebration in my existence as a Nigerian. I would not want to be disinterested in this nation and her politics, as I have come to find out that that is exactly the goal of these political louts that call themselves Nigerian politicians. They are perpetuating a psychological disenfranchisement where the enlightened ones amongst us will develop apathy to politics due to the mishandling of the nation and eventually leave the country, so that the politicians will have a leeway to act indiscriminately without any check. But I have promised myself not to dance to their evil drumbeats, and I urge you to join me by registering, participating, and voting right in the next elections, not forgetting to protect your votes. Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: PARABLE OF THE CRUCIFIX by Adebayo Coker


LalibelaThere was a small lake north of the city of Seattle which was very popular with the people of the area.  It was very unique.  There was no obvious inflow or outflow of water but the lake’s level remained the same and was almost always clean and clear.  Once upon a time, there had been an aqua theater there where water shows had been staged for enthusiastic audiences.  All that remained of that outdoor extravaganza now was a concrete husk of a quarter-circle of benches and many stairs climbing to its top.

It was somewhat late evening but was a very balmy one as well.  The usual brisk breeze was nearly dormant and only fluffed her hair in an occasional puff or two. Continue reading  #PAUSIBILTY:  AN AFRICAN FASCINATION by Jeff Underwood

DEAR STRANGER, a love letter by Adejuwon Grace Oluwawemimo

strange                       I know this much about you; that you are human just like I am. That we have never met is true but knowing with all certainty that you are out there makes me feel like there is a companion going through life with me. I address this letter to you because, in a way, we are the same – life-fellows with questions that linger deep within our hearts with a tenacity that defies evasion. Questions pertinent about what the next step in our drifting existence ought to be; questions ceaselessly demanding from us what to life our attitude should be. Stranger though you are, yet a companion so dear.

I know very well there are moments you are reduced to sighs and gasps, because such moments exist for me, too. That you have many times grieved and mourned I have no doubt, for that, again, is a necessary life-fare that guarantees our companionship. Continue reading DEAR STRANGER, a love letter by Adejuwon Grace Oluwawemimo

Yansh and the culture of Competition


If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.

Because if you pick it up, it dies

and it ceases to be what you love.

So, if you love a flower, let it be.

Love is not about possession.

Love is about appreciation. – Osho


Big yansh! Showy yansh!! Taking a passive walk around a community, where young gentlemen and ladies usually congregate or patrol in an active hour; to and fro classrooms, libraries, laboratories, dormitories and or houses, one (average guy, pastor or the other) is bound to behold beautiful, scintillating, romance-stimulating (you-know-what-I-mean? more of it!) figures (Big yansh! Showy yansh!!) that tend to be attractive anywhere your face turns (and it turns often enough). Believe me, irrespective of who you are or how religious you are, your eyes are beings of their own, they must see. One wonders why people don’t flee (no accusation of being literal here, please) at such sights, in spite of the warning in the scriptures of one of the modern religions. Continue reading Yansh and the culture of Competition

Pharmacy, why we do what we do? Just musing….


“I am black; I am in total fusion with the world, in sympathetic affinity with the earth, losing my id in the heart of the cosmos — and the white man, however intelligent he may be, is incapable of understanding Louis Armstrong or songs from the Congo. I am black, not because of a curse, but because my skin has been able to capture all the cosmic effluvia. I am truly a drop of sun under the earth.”
Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks


A few days ago, I was privileged to have a chat with some colleagues, a great people with whom I pretend the possession of the global best knowledge of drugs (I believe the meaning hasn’t already been construed), especially as it pertains to therapeutics; hence, patient-oriented; well, in our own part of the world (hopefully changing), almost diminished merely to dispensing of drugs (not even the best of it, that is). For the moment, and in sync with our acquired (almost inborn) comfort zone, let’s content ourselves with the fact that “we’re Pharmacists and we’re proud to be Men of Honour”.

Our concern this time was the significance of the choices we have made and that we make a living of, just by making. Why do we do Continue reading Pharmacy, why we do what we do? Just musing….

Today is her birthday and she’s Ifeoluwa Salako a.k.a. Ifelatu


My name is Love

like the mat that gets dirty

that the feet of many may get clean

So, I am…

like the tyres that convey the vehicle

to and fro the journeys of life

but rarely gets washed and noticed

So, I am…

like the moon, one bright mighty moon,

standing alone right upIfee Continue reading Today is her birthday and she’s Ifeoluwa Salako a.k.a. Ifelatu

Internet-enabled pillows: Solution for long distance lovers?

pillow talk

Sometimes, romance gets complicated, especially for couples wey dey inside long-distance relationships. These kind lovers have utilized different technological means to resolve the problem such as Skype, Facetime, more recently Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger, Viber and so on. But these have a limitation with naturalness.

Hence, this small pikin made internet-enabled pillow to serve long-distance lovers.

As reported elsewhere, Joanna Montgomery, 25, of Newcastle, UK, set out to develop a new product that would connect couples who are physically apart. Pillow Talk enables couples to feel closer by transmitting their heartbeats – and by lighting their pillows with a glow. Continue reading Internet-enabled pillows: Solution for long distance lovers?

The Kumuyis,Wedding,Indecency,apology,resignation and the public

lAkUnLeScReWs don gather from News making the rounds say Pastor William Kumuyi don offer to resign as General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church because of the controversy wey dey trail the wedding of em second son, John. Continue reading The Kumuyis,Wedding,Indecency,apology,resignation and the public

Lessons from Nigeria’s Saka’s PORT-ability

movies1STATION:             MeroëRadio

TIME:                    25 hours G.M.T. every single day, no be small thing

Today’s Issue:    ”Nigerian Youths, Wake Up” – BB broadcast msg 


This one na special edition of the show, good morning, Naija on MeroëRadio. This na because lAkUnLeScReWs dey intriguingly engaged in the last few weeks. We believe say we go interest you with this edition, no be small. *smiles…

I dey sure say the issue of the Nigerian actor, Hafeez Oyetoro a.k.a. Simply Saka porting from one Nigerian telecommunications Company to another no be new matter to many Nigerians. If you no be Nigerian; well, you better begin learn.

Hafeez Oyetoro a.k.a. Simply Saka na ace comedian, wey don become the face of Etisalat (Pardon my mistake, face of MTN) na em News yarn say em switch network from one GSM company wey don brand em face for Television. After many years of dem relationship, Saka switch sharply to MTN. The whole incident na something wey funny pass expectation.

download (4)

Simply, for inside the new Advert with MTN, the thing show Saka inside green traditional attire only to transform interestingly into a bright yellow attire as em dey lead one music band. Continue reading Lessons from Nigeria’s Saka’s PORT-ability


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Birth supplants death.

Our tears of sorrows, condemned, become laughter of joy.

Congrats, Kasey & Neemath on the new birth (Valentina):


download (1)

Valentine is here once again with the atmosphere festooned in red and labelled with an irresistible attraction of fun. For the hedonistic, which I myself couldn’t claim a neuter, it would be a time to check out the most resplendent of bars, where magnificent foods and wine are served and where the atmosphere is rife with histrionic blues to drive home our points to that special girl, who had our minds riveted on “forever-after stories” for far too long.

While these roses, chocolate bars, teddy bears, cards and frames fly without wings and nestle in the comfy of those we share these feelings and thoughts toward, I extricate myself from the purview of norms and break the barrier of tradition to effect the real value of what this celebration has on me.

How do we celebrate love? Continue reading VALENTINE BLUES WITH HANNIBAL (& CZAR)

How to ‘love in the time of war’


This is no playing Gabriel García Márquez but a pretension of the neo-literate (nay monomaniac) ‘elite’ understanding of the subject of love. Say romanticism if you like, there’s always a trap!


Very quickly, let’s together situate love in the time of war. The soldier and his wife! In the time of war, the soldier is expected to head for the front, leaving the home-front to his wife (or would you say ‘to her husband’ if the soldier in this case were a lady? Of course!)


For convenience, we should be content with the first possibility where the soldier is a man. Here, the soldier is expected to make for the front, leaving home. However, will ‘our’ soldier leave home if he is ‘truly’ in love with his wife? To die? Or to live….

download Continue reading How to ‘love in the time of war’

Man sues wife over their ‘incredibly ugly’ baby and awarded ‘damages’


If-U-Miss-Am, see this China man wey sue em wife because dem baby dey ‘Incredibly ugly’ . Jian Feng ended up winning $120,000.

Feng believe say dem daughter go fine like her mother, but no be so. Wetin happen na say the wife don do over $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to improve her ‘ugly’ looks before dem marry and she no tell her husband. The baby come inherit em mother’s natural looks.download

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues,” Feng yarn. “Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”

Na so dem divorce, Feng citing “false pretenses.”