“Strike: Again, FG, ASUU Refuse To Shift Ground” – Nigerian Press

asuu_strikeThe title, with inverted commas, of this piece is the favoured choice of the Nigerian press just hours after categorically stating “ASUU strike ends soon”. Well, enough for the Nigerian Press. I salute!

In light of past and present inclinations of the Federal Government of Nigeria in tackling the myriad of problems bedeviling the polity of the country, one should never allow the actions, almost inactions, of the government to frustrate one.

How else could one interprete the actions of the players “for” the FGN? They are constantly dressed flamboyantly (especially, the ladies, referred to by some as National witches) while the men host on their bodies expensive cotton, all thanks to the collective treasury from where, dipping their hands at will, they bring out the notes that keep them and family members going, of course at “speed-boat speed”. No thanks to the followers who prefer to always look the other way.

Seeing pictures of persons representing the FGN at negotiation table and imagining the magnitude of fat under their shiny skin leaves one to wonder, “What the hell is going through these people’s mind?” That question readily comes to one who wonders at why heavily fed individuals, who keep feeding on the largesse of a people turn round to tell the people (owners of the largesse) that there is no money to feed them, even with the worst food available.

For the benefit of the average Nigerian, I’ll re-present here the general words currently used to describe the deadlock of the meeting between ASUU and the FG negotiation teams. But before then, some posers:

What’s the expectation of the the FG negotiation team of ASUU?

Do they expect ASUU to call off the strike action just because the made promises?

Will this be the first time such promises are made?

Do they expect ASUU members to be smiling because the FGN offers N30b out of a payable N87b earned allowances?

Do they think the students and parents are as similarly ignorant not to know what standard education is, afterall?

Please, add more posers if you don’t mind…and enjoy the following plagiarized note as obtained from Leadership:


“Again negotiations between the Federal Government and Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) yesterday was deadlocked following refusal by the union to shift its ground, insisting that the federal government must implement the 2009 agreement it reached with ASUU.

Speaking at the end of a meeting with the FG team led by Benue State governor Gabriel Suswam, the ASUU president, Dr. Nasir Isa Fagge said it has resolved to continue the strike until the government meets its demands.

The federal government team had earlier proposed to pay N30 billion out of the N90 billion being demanded by ASUU as part of the earned allowance

The ASUU president said, “The objective of going on strike is to get government to implement the 2009 ASUU/ FGN agreement. Particularly to implement the provision of the memorandum of understanding we reached in 2012.

“It’s important to clarify that at this point, we are not making a demand. There was an agreement with government. At this point what the union is talking about is the 2009 agreement, not the renegotiation of the agreement”

Asked when the strike will be called off, Fagge said, “We will wait to hear from government. For now, we will go back and report to our principals.”

Speaking earlier, the secretary to the federal government, Ayim Pius Ayim, said the issue of earned allowance which the union was demanding for N92 billion, the Federal Government was willing to release N30 billion.

He said, “We can say that virtually all matters have been resolved. The only issue that remains a bit contentious is that of earned allowance. What the federal government has proposed to do is to release N30 billion to the University council to address the issue of earned allowance.

“ASUU has promised to report to their principals and we will work on fulfilling our side of the bargain within the week.”

Also speaking, Governor Gabriel Suswam who chaired the NEEDS assessment committee said the government has been able to harness N100 billion to disburse to the universities across the country to revitalise their infrastructures.

He said, “The president has agreed to flag off projects starting from first week of September in virtually all universities. The process of achieving that is ongoing and we will address the due process.”

He said the infrastructural deficits in the nation’s universities to be addressed by the NEEDS assessment will include hostels, classrooms, theatres, laboratories and libraries.

“Some will be renovated and some will be newly built. Each university will have at least one ongoing project when the president flags off this project in the first week of September,” he said.”




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