Independence day speech, written by Adeojo Kolawole Adeyemi Hannibal


Most times, with gloom seemingly setting on d horizon.

With news coming from d media, one is forced to resign to abject dismay over the prospect of this country.

Our independence has become a day to showcase to the entire world our ingrained filth, reckless leadership, corruption, disorientation and flagrant disregard for what is socially acceptable. The truth is, the likelihood of this show of shame continuing unabated for several years to come is undebatable.

When we wish ourselves happy independence day celebration, we must look deeply into our hearts and ask ourselves the honest question, “are we truly independent?”. The long walk to absolute liberty starts from the hearts of individuals. The fight to annihilate the hydra-headed monster, corruption, strangulating our nation starts from the home of each and every one of us.hannibb

We must ask ourselves, “what demands are we placing on others to make them go out of their ways?” This, without doubt, is the first step to solving the paraplegic issue of corruption. What questions are we raising against those we put in positions of power? Do we just feign aloofness, unconcerned with their stewardship? This silence, I must confess, is the complicit way of giving our consent to the wantonness of our leaders. It strengthens their resolve to perpetrate further their self style looting without the fear of being held accountable.

The arduous road to true independence with its alluring rewards lies in the pathway we chose to tread. We can no longer afford to act in connivance with those depriving us of our deserved freedom. This is not all about optimism and pessimism, it’s all about right and wrong. For me, no independence day celebration until we achieve a country status where all men can leave freely irrespective of tribe, background or social status. Only then do we have something cogent worth celebrating.


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