Of Rogues and Saints. Re: ASUU is on strike again. Who cares? SMH


My attention was recently, precisely at a time when I should be frolicking with friends, drawn to a beautifully written piece by someone I hold in high regard, a father, fighter and lover, Pa Ikhide. I have always loved to read him. This time, his piece focuses on ASUU (a body he refers to as that of thugs. Of course, with an apology against generalisation). This piece is titled “ASUU is on strike again. Who cares? SMH” and can be read here http://xokigbo.wordpress.com/


This said piece, you will agree with me is an eye-opener. And I can create a lengthy piece of conjoined words to describe my admiration for the thoughtfulness and intended patriotism that make the crust of Pa Ikhide’s beautiful harangue. However, now and then, as I read through the piece, enjoying the tides, I stumble on some words and my head reflexly enters the shaking mode, as in ‘no, no, no’. I will not be pleased if ASUU sues my Pa Ikhide to court for his patriotism, wins and hence, making my Pa forever bankrupt. This piece can be used as evidence in the court of law.

To the point.

“ASUU members are thugs”

Really; how so? Some persons will be happy with this tag but at whose expense? To what degree is the correctness or incorrectness of the tag? Well, let’s content ourselves that every Nigerian has the right to freedom of speech. Only that certain persons, depending on how they are perceived in the society, may need to exercise some caution while indulging themselves as such.

“…they are always on strike,

nobody seems to know why,

except that it involves being paid a boatload of money”

Wow. Three facts in one sentence. Are they actually always on strike?

Nobody seems to know why? In spite of the noise by parents, average Nigerians and even many of the students who are directly affected, directed against the Nigerian government and in favour of ASUU? Maybe someone needs to be more conversant with the news, and if those ones do lie, at least, with the directly concerned stakeholders.

And yea, this one. I love the use of words, “rogues in academic robes”. Not what follows, unfortunately, “have colluded with any government in power (AGIP) to defraud and rob generations of beautiful children what is their right – a good education.”

 From Encarta dictionaries, collude as a word means, “to cooperate with somebody secretly in order to do something illegal or undesirable.” As far as I’m concerned, of the tens of millions of Nigerians citizens, Pa Ikhide, ‘my gracious’ father is the only one with this opinion. I’ll appreciate a knowldge of any other person(s) he might have ‘colluded’ with. Let’s go on…

“…even when they are at work, they are on strike.” What does that mean? Is this an attempt at self-contradiction? Maybe, maybe not.

This next line needs no interpretation from me. It’s a self-sufficient statement of fact except of course, if the real definition of fact (or speculation, if you mind) has changed in the course of my last night slumber, “Their members want to have sex with every child that walks into their pretend classrooms, when they have satisfied themselves, they pimp their helpless wards, yes, they do, to their friends, constipated generals and pot-bellied rogue-politicians who have too much money in their thieving pockets.”

“…fully less than 10 percent of Nigerian university dons have children living in that mess called Nigeria.” Less than 10 percent? I’m interested in this fact. Who did the survey? Where’s the reference? With due respect sir, caution, Pa Ikhide.

“…inside the filthy chicken coops that pass for classrooms from preschool to the tertiary level.” Who made the classrooms so? ASUU? A reaction is required. I suppose this is one of the reasons why ASUU is currently on strike. I suppose. But this piece has earlier presented, probably an oversight, that the only reason ASUU is on strike, as far as the people are concerned, is because of pocket money (to use my term). Savour the rest of the present paragraph. I have no interest.

The next paragraph, Pa Nigerian Intellectual bemoans the state of ASUU’s website. He did a good job telling the world how much he takes issues personal with ASUU and my guess is this is demeaning and inappropriate for the stature of my Pa. This paragraphs successfully ends with a line that makes me chuckle.

Pa Ikhide’s personal disaffection goes on through the next paragraphs. He actually made a personal confession, maybe this can help us to understand why he takes offense of ASUU, why the faces of the executive members of ASUU annoy him, why he has chosen not to see anything good in whatever ASUU has done or is doing, especially the speech of the President of ASUU, as expressed by my INDEFATIGABLE Pa.

The closing statements of the third to the last paragraph, here: “This is not the first time I have called ASUU’s attention to that disgrace of a website. There are some on their roll that truly believe that in the 21st century, websites are an inconvenience. It is a distinctly Nigerian phenomenon, one that I have been blogging about for years now (Viewing Nigeria through a web of broken links).” A good way to market an article. Dog chop dog. Ti t’enikan ko ba baje, ti elomiran ko le dara. hmmm, nice one.

When, in closing, Pa Ikhide calls for or decalres his support for a possible ban of ASUU, what should one think is his intention? To allow the death of the public Universities just like the public primary and secondary schools died after the death of NUT? Does he now work with the private Universities? Does he hope, certainly that’s what will happen, that with the death of public Universities comes the rush of more Nigerian students to the Universities of his sponsors? I don’t want to believe I’m speculating that my Pa Ikhide now works, on contract or otherwise, with the private Universities.

I’m left with no choice, sir. Pardon me. winks.

PS. Omode kii mo eko je ko ma yii l’owo.

9 thoughts on “Of Rogues and Saints. Re: ASUU is on strike again. Who cares? SMH”

  1. I have read Ikhide’s. It is very disturbing because he is much more than an average Nigerian – in intellect, wealth and age – and therefore really ought to know better. He sounds so passionate and vindictive that he blinds himself to facts known even to people old enough to be his children. His words are so abusive and dismissive. Because I know better, and absolutely know that he knows better I can only wonder what his ulterior motive is. He certainly has a personal vendetta and this is why he now rants like a naive, uninformed dictator.

  2. Reading through your swift reaction to the article credited to Pa Ikhide, I must commend you. Most especially when this reaction as noted in the body of your article is likely to pitch you against someone whom you highly revered. However, we must not get entangled in the in the vitriolic laced words of Pa Ikhide to ASUU and forget some of the cogent issues raised by him. In doing so,we could miss out on the opportunity it raises to open a vista of argument to lay to rest this lingering FG/ASUU face-off. Foremost, we must see the issues and approach in diverse light, these will in no little measure help us understand an article written based on patriotism and activism and an approach articulated based on personal conviction and degree of hurt. The generalisation approach Pa Ikhide chose in keeping the few bad eggs in ASUU with the very good ones could be termed erroneous,what could be termed otherwise is when the constant demands by ASUU are auto serving and ego deluding rather than serving the purpose of unionism. Unionism as a viable tool should be a weapon to liberate the oppressed from the manacles of the oppressor. If the clear-cut demands of ASUU border on total revamp of the education sector, autonomy, upgrade of present obsolete infrastructures from their derelict state to world class level and other laudable ask, then without scepticism, we would say ASUU is serving the purpose of its establishment and at such its relevance as a veritable weapon in the depleted arsenal of the downtrodden cannot be whisked away, at least not when it comes to the hopes of our teeming youths getting a world class education. In contrast, if ASUU demands only border on salaries and allowances at par with the self serving and conscienceless house of “Represent-the-thieves”, I am afraid, Pa Ikhide might not only be right about the “boatload of money” jibes, but also,ASUU would have missed out on a golden chance to garner an unprecedented support cutting across mass of students,their parents and all well meaning and patriotic Nigerians in their stand off with the Federal government.
    Moreso,Pa ikhide’s submission of ASUU members being thugs and wanting to have sex with every students who walk into their pretend classroom is only a reflective index of current trends on our campuses, where some randy lecturers have arrogate to themselves powers beyond their narcissistic status to intimidate female students, who might not be exonerated from complicity,by soliciting amorous relationship from them and constantly threatening those that do not comply. The recently staged protest by students of University of Lagos and their parents is quite fresh in our memories. This is not however to say,that we don’t have lecturers of high moral standing in our ivory towers,infact these ones make up the mass of majority. Such accusation by Pa Ikhide may not be far fetched most especially if one happens to be one of the motley of parents whose wards have been molested and left to live with the agonisingly self esteem degradation and the post experience psychological trauma of sexual harassment in the hands of the ones entrusted with such moral obligation.
    In the light of these,Pa Ikhide’s diatribe launch against ASUU while totally not lacking in merits based on personal conviction and bottled up frustration against a sterile system which tilt towards self implosion,took a far too personal battle dimension when simple issues such as pictures and images of executive members dotting ASUU’s website and seemingly typographical errors surfed on the site were wrapped up as missiles to be launched against a perceived enemy. What it does is trivialise the whole issues raised against ASUU. This was further evident in the call for the outright ban of ASUU, a case of leaving the substance to chase the shadow or severing off the head as a panacea to headaches. On the issue of ASUU members being too lazy to carry out researches, I differ. I think the Nigerian academia are research minded,meticulous, dedicated egg heads who unfortunately found themselves in an unsupportive system which offers them little but demands much from them. Without doubt, Pa Ikhide and other interested Nigerians should go take a look on the medley researches carried out by university dons whose papers lay amongst the ruins of the decrepit we call ivory towers and whose report encrust the walls of the dark holes of our rotten system never to make it to sunshine soon.
    I must commend you once again for your swift reaction, you are gradually enforcing your status as one of the few voices of consciousness in this generation. I must warn you however, that such a status is forlorn, but you can be rest assured of my stand.

  3. I must appreciate you comments, that is everybody., What can I say to the first three commenters thank a big thank you. And to Hannibal, my buddy, thaaaaank you aplenty. Really grateful. I should add nothing to what you’ve had to say. But that will be an offence on my part especially since the initial statements go to confirm my fears…fears that pushed me to create this rejoinder. These are fears that with the stature of Pa Ikhide and his vitriolic output at ASUU, quite a number of his fans, emi gan gan inclusive, may be led to believe his rants (more like beer-parlour talks) even though, as I believe, he would not want people to take him on this seriously. That’s my fear. People may take him, and from evidence have been taking him, seriously.
    Hannibal, thank you for contributing your thoughts on the issue. When you march on Rome, I’ll be with you.

  4. I was supposed to be first to comment but for technical issues (MTN network, etc). However I must confess if I had posted my comment then it would have been a relatively shallow opinion.
    Thanks to Hannibal my reasoning on this topic is clearer.
    Age is obviously telling on Papa’s ability 2 push his points objectively. But there are still some points to ponder as it relates to ASUU’s sincerity. I await an ASUU strike that will demand only improved facilities & learning conditions for Nigerian students, an ASUU strike that will not seek to jack up the cash in the personal bank accounts of members of ASUU. Till then……
    Meanwhile our politicians need to understand ASAP that public service is just that. PUBLIC SERVICE. Not an avenue to enrich themselves & further impoverish Nigerians. If they had this orientation ASUU would not even need to go on strike before things are as they should be. Lemme not overflog what has been superthrashed by Hannibal et al

  5. Hilarious! This piece is funny but not without what seems to me an almost concealed underlying annoyance for the extensively quoted essay of Pa Ikhide. I just can’t but ask why our said “Pa’s” opinions often times draw counter-reactions. By which I mean your essay happens to be a reminiscent of another I read that was fundamentally intended to pick him apart . Although, this does not change my respect for the “old man” but his crappy use of words and his cranky ideas are all replete with ghostly claims which make me feel almost the same as you as to where does he get his “facts” or is it mere “conjecture” from? Hmm! I agree with your confute. Pa Ikhide’s essay well humoured in this piece. Nice one

    1. Thank you, someone great. You didn’t offer us a name to call you. Anyway, Thanks again. Based on this piece, I’ve heard a number of opinions about pa that I’ll like to keep personal for the moment.

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