THE WAY OF THE WOMAN by Ikoro Iyineleda

woman“I’ll stay with your Daddy until he’s all dead.”

How very amusing. Why not, “until I’m all dead.” And the foolish gender continues to burn itself out into extinction; warring against itself for the more cunning, who is instantly ready to take its place the second it is “all dead” – be it as she whose name and bio-data was immediately removed from the web, when I wanted to ascertain that which I knew of her (removed by such as those who continue to delude themselves with the “E too late” maxim by which they rob the emasculated of a life) she who became one of the five richest human beings on earth upon her husband’s death – for he willed all he had to her; be it as she that continues to be regaled as the matriarch of Yorubaland merely because she stayed with a truly great man until he was “all dead;” be it as she who even betrays that which the cunning of her gender ever would she have, by an act as simple as taking – in his absence – the same seat he takes when in the living-room; or be it as that gender (in particular) that has begun to boast, for years now, of the position it has plundered – by proclaiming itself “the new man;” by stating that “We women now are;” by adding to those words, these, “Woman na goddess;” and then insisting, “Men are men, and women are God;” and by reiterating that statement with the words, “Men are men, and women were then.”

The way of the woman?

Ever, ever, to subvert authority: be it as the Eve that continues to receive the blame; or as the De-li’lah that, on the other hand, receives the condemnation; or as the Virgin Mary that the Catholics honour even more than The Christ – for they know the truth much more than do the foolish and the naïve that continue to throng Christendom.

“I’ll stay with your Daddy until he’s all dead.” Or, to be even more precise, until “Men were once; and women, now all that is.”

Or so she would it be.

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