Farewell by Toba Bankole (for Tomide)

PortugalRivers of wisdom

Billow hither thither

Soul brother searching knowledge

Where the crust devoid melanin


Comfort I choose to part with thee

For the pains of the poles

Where the “O ngbona” is replaced

With mere vegetables

And some (miserable) meat, I hope

That cannot compare to the Ponmo at “Iya Ila”

The palm wine and “eran igbe” will have to wait

For to hunt game is sin……who says?


How did you even get here brother?

Why won’t you chose to cross the border

Away from the heat of plunders

A society blessed with blunders

Alas, do expect others

For I doubt “they” ll ever bother




Days of dust are not in thy eyes

But what word does a man say

Than “Farewell”

For ‘Tomide Adeoye Ph.D (In view)

En route Lisbon, Portugal.

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