Labinnah’s Legend by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

The glorious journey of a thousand mile

Begins with one step that is determinedly intriguing.

From toddles to scurries

To those mischievous steps of Ajanaku

Before your statue, I droop; a

modification of akimbo

having being sated by the honey of your words

dripping down on my scalp, the aroma

of which creates a black halo

around my head.

Your words, serrating my mien,

Call out the best of my inner world to action

To the sights of waterfalls amidst the goddesses of idi aro

To the depths of minds, so corruptible

not to be seen in an instant

To the beauty of virgin village girls,

beating their legs to the rhymes of agidigbo

And like a maker,

With the creative essence of a god,

Whitens the spaces around the world

With your oeuvre not of belles-lettres.


(In celebration of the birth anniversary of Adeojo Kolawole Hannibal Adeyemi, this 24th of March, 2015)

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