This date, like in other years, love is being celebrated in all manner of ways: between legally coupled couples, illegally (or extra-legally) coupled couples, uncoupled couples, congruent and otherwise couples.

When any of such a couple attends, as has become a custom, a Church Service (thankfully, Valentine day has fallen on a

Sunday this year), there’s bound to be the expression of love between the Church and her attendees (the Church goers), when the Pastor (or his/her delegate) sermonizes on the importance of ‘typical and expected’ (nay, Godly) love. The reference to ‘Godly’ above was deliberate in order to distinguish between the two.

Once the Service ended on such a day as this, where will the legs of attendees lead their bodies? I mean, at the end of services that focused their sermons on ‘typical and expected’ love between the various types of love. Homewards (one will expect), to relish the redness of romance, especially the Valentine’s day romance, which undoubtedly stands miles apart from the everyday, commonplace romance. This should not be.


However, and for the sake of love, Iteoluwakiisi was an attendee at one of several churches in Ile-Ife, on Valentine’s day, 2016, where he must have been fully dosed with words on ‘typical and expected’ love but rather than his legs leading him homewards to relish the redness of romance, he was led to the Triumphant Orphanage, where he presented the kids with gifts as a sign of love.

Interestingly, as was discovered, there were other bodies whose legs also led to the orphanage, taking for granted that afterwards, these same bodies may be led to places for the gratification of the redness of romance.
From lAkUnLeScReWs, we wish you a Happy Valentine.


3 thoughts on “ITEOLUWAKIISI: FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi”

  1. Three hearty claps for Iteolu on the wise decision he took to celebrate the 2016 Val Day.
    May he live to see many many Val seasons.
    But sha o, he should maintain, yes maintain when he turns 18+ (as bobo would have been a gal by then).
    B R A V O ! ! !

  2. That is cute!
    Bravo to Iteoluwakiisi…. this is the typical Valentine love and homage we all look forward to.
    How I wish others could take a queue.

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