LABINNAH’S LEGEND by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

hannibalWith today passing by,
without me penning these words,
it would have been aeons that
inspiration permitted me to create.
But like magic,
this day comes packed with her own words
and I dare it to touch on days to come.

You have been a pillar, a source of strength,
to many frames, lucky to be close a yard
You epitomize humanitarianism to a fault
You never say no to a worthy cause.
You stand for the truth
for what you believe in…
If heads must roll, let them roll…
If oxen would be gored, let them be…
if it took no,
you would say no
to a retrogressive no.
I hear your name
I beam your image
I look into your eyes
And I see camaraderie, stability
the strength to stay till the END
The world has yet to fully taste
of that juice that drips from that APP
that is your throbbing brain
If I am scared,
it must only be for the shake
that it gets
when you finally, as soon you will,
decide to take on the world. aha
But I have no fear,
because your agility equates
your tenderness.
When your firm grip goes,
it leaves in its place a reassuring warmth.
Where your breeze dashes,
there, ACT stays.
Fela yaps but you act.
For those who know,
it must be a marvel
It is that day again that you’re celebrated
but no, it’s just another day
for you’re celebrated everyday.
You live your day like it was the last
no stone as it’s met,
no face wet with tears
no limb bruised with pain.
He who hasn’t met you hasn’t met a PERSON.
My simple birthday wish:
“May Olodumare continue to walk with you. Ase”

3 thoughts on “LABINNAH’S LEGEND by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi”

  1. I enjoyed every bit of your writeup on LABINNAH’S LEGEND.
    It was really a biutiful bday gift. I envy Labinnah o.
    Pls keep it up

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