October 17: For the Special One by ‘Kunle Jaiyesimi

That year,

this day served as witness

to the cries of a baby.


It was a tiny cry, piercing the airs

and landing on the ears

of those who were witnesses.


It was with a voice

that shattered all despair

and built the castles of hope.


A voice that remains so till now

a voice; that of a woman

who became my Special One.


No! Not like that of the woman

who’d, on BBC, open her lips

in voice against her man


But here is the voice of support,

of pillars of hope

and for a life full of joy.


On this day, you were born

born, with no knowledge on either side,

to make our lives a wonder


But today,

Decades after,

I can only say


Thank Olodumare and thank you for coming into my life.

What would I have been without you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Special One, B. I. J.



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