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Racism in India: And “Yannick passed away…” by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

“You’re standing at a zoo, and looking at a caged animal, admiring it, scrutinizing every aspect of it, observing its walk, its skin. Now imagine you’re that caged animal and people are gawking at you like you’re an alien, like you don’t belong. That is how black citizens of African nations say they feel in India, they aren’t caged but they might as well be.” – Sarakshi Rai.

Yannick before and afterA few days ago in Greater Noida, some Hausa boys were allegedly beaten up by an Indian mob, while the reverse was published in the media (that Indians were beaten up by the Hausa boys). Whereas, the reality was that an Indian boy, with rich but uneducated father, snapped pictures of a Hausa boy and was asked to delete same but would not budge. He called his father and that led to the Hausa boys being attacked. This event led to sabotage on public facilities that fed the Africans (including but not limited to the disruption of power supply); this, ultimately leading to the ejection of Africans, who had to resort to emergent searching for new shelter, with its attendant challenges.

Sometimes, it is a wonder what globalization, in the sense of globetrotting (let’s content ourselves with singly Continue reading Racism in India: And “Yannick passed away…” by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

Bedfellows: Reno Omokri (Wendell Simlin) and Lies by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

renooooYes. Life in Nigeria may not be easy especially for those who have no opportunity to dip their hands in the national treasury, even if it’s for once. It may also not be easy for someone who had that opportunity but who allowed the treasury to slip off his hands. Sometimes, however, personal integrity, which doesn’t get talked about often, is more important than keeping a job. And that is if such a job robs you of your integrity; that’s if you care about the definition of integrity in the dictionaries of the world anyway.

Judging by the antecedents of the Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media, Reno Omokri, Continue reading Bedfellows: Reno Omokri (Wendell Simlin) and Lies by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi


Wobbled Words
Wobbled Words

Nigerians are not all about money. Many times, we sacrifice

This past weekend, some Nigerian writers including Bode Asiyanbi, a two-time winner of the BBC African Performance Playwriting Prize, who has also worked with the BBC World Service Trust as a writer on its groundbreaking radio and television drama series, Story Story and Wetin Dey and Adebayo Coker, the author of Societal Fragments and A Man Like Me: Noteography Of a Father to His Son and a host of others, published a book of collected short stories with a singular aim of charity.

This is just one of the many good examples that may go a step further towards helping in nation-building. Enough of the talks; let’s put in more action.

To purchase the book, you need just a little detail.


Platform to purchase:    Amazon

Cost: Affordable, depending on format (Just check it out).

Amazing anti-HIV discovery: Early treatment offers patients a cure…

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Well, no be me yarn am o. Na James Gallagher of BBC yarn the matter. You fit check em article here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-21783945. 



Dem don dey analyse 14 people wey don stop using drugs, but that na after early treatment. The analysis show say these people no get any sign say the virus dey resurge.

Other reports sef yarn say one baby girl for US don dey effectively cured after she begin use em antiretroviral drugs. The challenge (and where the amazing discovery dey useful) na say most people

no dey know say dem don dey infected with HIV until the virus don enter all the korikori corner of dem body.

More details after the cut Continue reading Amazing anti-HIV discovery: Early treatment offers patients a cure…

Bode Asiyanbi shines@the 1st edition of British Council’s Lagos Theatre Festival

At Eko Hotel & Suites, British Council Nigeria together with three of Nigeria ‘s most exciting theatre companies wan take 2 days do yanga with original, exciting performances wey go show for ‘unconventional spaces’ (whatever that is). Dem say ‘unconventional spaces’ na the Presidential Suite, Car Park, Petanque Area, and Casa Chianti Restaurant – at the Eko Hotel & Suites


Haering from the horse’s mouth, na the thing wey our first horse (Ojoma Ochai, Assistant Director of the British Council)yarn be this, Continue reading Bode Asiyanbi shines@the 1st edition of British Council’s Lagos Theatre Festival