Ite Oluwa kiisi

It is the story of Olodumare
The faithful custodian of fate, in all shades a stamp
Unchangeable; otherwise, at will
The Lord of the secrets of galaxies
That’s what you’re called, Ol’odu‎ imare
 If it were pure white,
Like it was of no colour

Or it were golden, pure without a blemish/ash
Your throne never loses its shine
One that can never be upturned
Emboldened by the aura of a colossus,
Whose stretch is unmeasueable
Posing with grandeur right beyond the limits of sight
And light
Iwo ni Olutanna, the beamer of the gush of lights
on deadened paths
Show the way, ahead to infinite treasures of heart and
Ite Oluwa Kiisi
It’s a story
About the throne of Olodumare
Never falters
Never changes
Never moves
Faithful, loyal and a dependable rest for the strained spine
It’s a legend, started somewhere in between the hidden spaces
That existed before the realities of conscious
Turning sand and fluid into
Flesh and blood
‎With bouts of force and restraint
The titan leads unique paths
With the company ‎of a young trio,
Years ‎dubbed with play and sores,
laughter and scars
Emboldened by the wisdom
Of impregnating the “fleeting moments”
In-between the breezing seconds.
As this day marks the third,
May the years sprawl ahead of you,
In the presence of the throne of Olodumare.
Grow in grace, strength and radiance,
A reflection of the golden rays of The Throne.
Happy birthday, my SUN.

2 thoughts on “Ite Oluwa kiisi”

  1. Everything so pristine
    Everything so divine
    Everything so majestic
    Of an innocent mind so inclined
    To the immaculate throne o’ Eledua

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