A couple with the Channel Islands Whale Expedition group kayak through Painted Cave at Santa Cruz IYears ago,

We set sail on this ship

Guided by the full moon

And accompanied,

As father and his father once said,

By high tides and a biting cold.


Drifted, we have been

Many nations, traversed

And beaten by seasons, in cycles

We have come to the doors of caves, unknown

And exited from the mouths of gushing waters,

Sliding gingerly with the waterfalls

one bunch

What better partner to have

Than you,

With the flavor of wine?

Gets better with the passing of years.

Forever grateful to Ori

Who chose for me beyond me.


I still do, I wonder,

What would I have been without you,

Stranded, with a wreck of a ship, even before setting sail?

You birthed the THRONE


And now our sails may direct the tides, and

shape the seasons!


Happy birthday to my dear wife…sweet to be-hold (ADUNNI)

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