Not my President! by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

Is he yours?

He is not my President, who wishes to rule a space of his own conjuring!

He is not my President, who has an army of Nigerians ready to subvert the rule of law!

He is not my President, who is keen on alternative measures to those provided by the constitution!

He is not my President, who leverages the loopholes in the nation’s laws to assert himself as rightful heir!

He is not my President, is he yours?

He is not my President, no! He is not my President!

Nigeria is on the path forward but there are many of her citizens not currently prepared for that change forward. These are yet stuck in the illusion of Babasope.

Photo Credit: Steve Sack

A belief in the superiority of money-old-bags and other convenient descriptions depending on where you are on the ladder to the “top” or around the “top”. These are the ones who submit to be used for despicable acts that derail democracy from inside out.

The “first round” of Nigeria’s Presidential elections is now almost a week behind us. Previously most Nigerians have lost any relic of hope they had in the country, leading to the ubiquitous japa syndrome. But thanks to the reassuring months leading to the 2023 Presidential elections. That is not to say the japa syndrome has ended, at least not until Nigeria gets her leadership crisis right. These election preceding months were littered with figures that inspired hope again in Nigeria. Here, I do not refer to stolen hope rebranded “renewed” but hope that seemed to reverberate with majority of Nigerians. It was a hope that was loud and clear. And this was represented by Peter Obi, as the shining light in that movement, accompanied doggedly by Omoyele Sowore who in reality seemed to be blazing the trail. Both figures and a retinue of well-meaning patriotic Nigerians who stood up to be counted attacked the nagging Nigeria’s political and leadership conundrum from different angles, or parties if you like.

He is my President, who listens to the yearnings of Nigeria!

He is my President, who understands the gravity of Nigeria’s problems and is able to articulate same.

He is my President, who is the easy consensus for Nigeria.

In the midst of this promising upsurge of viable alternative candidates with bright electoral value to Nigeria, even the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Mahmood Yakubu, was hosted at The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in London on Tuesday the 17th January 2023. There, he had a lot to say regarding lessons that were learnt from 2019 general elections and preparation for the 2023 general elections. You can find more details here and here. Indeed, by virtue of his presentations, even his most critical cynics would come away with the intent to trust and hope for a much better 2023 elections.

The 2023 Presidential election is now behind us and trailing it are myriads of realities and accusations of irregularities. All in the news! Days after INEC announced a winner of that election, many Nigerians are yet wondering what had happened. A good explanation would be abracadabra or a nation of millions of people be-foju-d (blinded) in daylight! It feels like a show of force by the powerful and mighty few for the entertainment of the naive majority, who innocently hoped, prayed and acted on the possibility of a new Nigeria. In the hands of Nigeria’s powerfuls, the innocents become victims of their own ignorance.

For an election with a winner already announced in a hurriedly curious way, there abounds several loose ends!

Nigeria is on the path forward with no roads leading backwards from here! On the pages of the history of this journey, names are scribbled in blood and tears in real time. Choose ye, how and where ye want yours to be written. Also please choose ye, whom ye shall serve! Would you rather pervert justice and the rule of law for the sake of emilokan, an over-bloated sense of entitlement? Would you, would you rather force or compromise electoral staff to act in manners contrary to their sworn oaths, under duress? Would you act in ways that undermine the electoral process all so that you or your subjects can rise to the position of power, what you consider a birthright?

Would you?

With more than 6 decades in the bag, Nigeria has come of age. If she could speak, even Nigeria will insist against business as usual that has left her hemorrhaging forever. She would insist on merit and competence, rather than money-old-bags!

He is not my President, who accepts a gift stolen from the same people he wishes to rule. If you stole a people’s mandate, how will you govern them?

No, He is not my President and I know my President!

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‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi,


16 thoughts on “Not my President! by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi”

  1. Not at all!
    Not my President. A man with heart if all manner of evil, no! Not my president.
    A man who could give order for the slaughter of peaceful protesting youths, no! He is not my president!
    A beast! No he can’t be my president!

  2. Atiku also claimed Obi took his votes, please tell him to call down. As for BAT, the matter is going to court

  3. Not mine either.! We deserve better at this stage of our nation. The sad reality is that a lot of us know these truth, it’s not hidden, it’s just difficult for them to accept. So they pretend not to see!
    A drug baron
    An Opressor
    A thug enabler
    A man of questionable character and background
    No! He can’t be my President.

    Beautiful write up👍
    May yor ink never dry ✍️

  4. He is definitely NOT my President!
    A President who is power drunken and feels like a small god with entitlement is NOT my President.
    A President who claims to have raised people, but for his own gains and returns; turning them to slaves and his toys is NOT my President.
    A President who is so desperate and could do everything to be called one; even to the detriment of the people he wishes to rule is NOT my President

  5. Show me the election that had ever been credible and transparent in Nigeria. The deed has been done. We should all ‘gbakamu’. BAT is our President.

  6. Not mine! Not Nigeria youth’s! Not true lovers of democracy’s! Not peace loving citizens’!

  7. This is a good write up though, we need to know that the righteous prayer does great work.

    We have prayed so much to see this result. As far as I’m concerned God answers prayer. If we believe let’s wait for God’s response.

    What if this is what God desires for his people? Remember, every leader is a tool in the hand of God, therefore, respect them and await the salavation of the Lord.

    Anyone who accepts the Prophet as a prophet enjoys the work of a prophet, remember.

  8. IMO – A people will often get a leader they deserve. The election was not to choose ‘My President’, it was to choose the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Just like all elections ever held, it is disputed and proceedings will move to the courts. In the meantime, all citizens should exude the qualities they want in the President of their dreams and sooner or later as a consequence of natural laws of nature, the deserved president will emerge.

  9. It seems like some people don’t understand that where there’s perception of magomago (sleight of hand), result, no matter how accurate, would be perceived as dubious. If INEC had been seen by most observers to be transparent and judicious in the process, then I think most of the parties who are now aggrieved would be less so. It was easier for Jonathan to accept defeat because he could not complain about the process over which he could have exercised influence if he wished. But for Obi and others, that option was never in their pocket and the one party that had such advantage utilized it to a shameless effect. The truth about the purity and integrity of the process that declared BAT the winner of the presidential contest would certainly be tested in court. BAT and his supporters have nothing to fear if they’re confident in their claim that the election was free, fair, and transparent.

  10. Let’s all be patient and await court judgement. And also know that sometimes God uses weak things to confound the wise. All hope is not lost.

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